Four Seasons Hotel Firenze Launches its New Experience “Table to Farm”

Guests will enjoy an enriching visit to a working farm in the Tuscan countryside, as they participate in fascinating, behind-the-scenes experiences to discover what makes every Tuscan meal so magnifico
March 2, 2018,
Florence, Italy

Wonder how the best Italian products are grown? The secrets behind the “farm to table” process, or simply curious to see what a typical day is like on a Tuscan farm? Four Seasons Hotel Firenze launches its new Table to Farm experience, allowing guests to live the Tuscan country life, spending a day as guest estate farmhands in the Fattoria San Michele, a barn estate in the Chianti region, located in a medieval building. This educational and fun experience in the heart of Italy’s culinary excellence is offered all year long with different activities based on the seasonality, providing an unforgettable family getaway.

Guests arrive on site by 9:00 am and are greeted by the estate's farmer, who will shadow them as they actively participate to the daily tasks on the farm, starting with a visit to the henhouse to pick up freshly laid eggs and feed the chickens and rooster, to getting initiated to the garden chores as they assist with seed planting and vegetable picking. Under the expert guidance of the estate’s farmer, guests will learn the secrets behind the cultivation of those juicy Tuscan tomatoes, eggplants, zuchini, and many more vegetables that serve as the base ingredients for many of Italy's most flavourful recipes.

The day continues in the animal pens of the farm to assist with the feeding of the famous Cinta Senese pig, a unique pork stock dating from 1338 and raised only in the middle of Tuscany. The lunch break is the occasion to taste the locally grown products, including fettunta toasted bread with extra-virgin oil, ham, pecorino cheese, eggs, artisanal pasta made in the farm, cantucci biscuit with vinsanto, all paired with a wine tasting from regional vineyards and locally made grape juice for the little ones.

The rest of the day is spent in the 55 hectare (135 acre) vineyards, responsible for producing 270,000 bottles of Chianti each year. After the observation and curation of the vineyard ceps (or assisting with the harvest in September), guests are taken on a tour of the wine cellar hosting 60 maturing barriques and discovering the transformation process of the grapes into world-acclaimed Chianti wine. In the fall season, when the olive trees are ready for harvest, guests also have an opportunity to participate in the collection and extraction of the olive oil at the farm’s mill.

Activities vary, based on seasonality and the farm’s needs; the olive and grapes harvest take place in the fall, the wheat harvest during the summer. Guests are provided with appropriate equipment including boots, gloves and apron.

About the Experience

Table to Farm is a package available exclusively for guests at Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, available all year upon the farm and Hotel’s availability, including:

  • Three night-minimum stay
  • Five-hour farm initiation experience, including farmer’s breakfast, lunch and wine-tasting
  • Round trip car transfers from the Hotel to the garm
  • Starting from EUR 988 per room per night, with breakfast included for three people

Info and reservations: 055 26261 –

About Fattoria San Michele a Torri

Fattoria San Michele a Torri, an organic farm since 1992, is situated in the heart of the Chianti region just 15 kilometres (9 miles) from the city of Florence. It spreads over 370 hectares (915 acres) of land including 55 hectares (135 acres) of vineyards producing Chianti wine, and 40 hectares (100 acres) of active olive groves producing Laudemio olive oil. The rest is arable land and forest suitable for breeding Cinta Senese. The territory of the Fattoria San Michele is 211 metres (692 feet) above sea level, right in the middle of the most well known wine regions of Classic Chianti and Chianti Colli Fiorentini.

Paolo Nocentini, the current owner, is the one responsible for developing new and innovative ways to cultivate the traditional agriculture. He has renovated and expanded the crop directing it to the organic production of typical Tuscan products such as organic honey and organic chickpeas.  The farm’s approach is to put people in touch with the world of organic culture, make them comprehend the value of agriculture, typical of the story of Tuscany, and respect ties between food, health and the surroundings of the environment.