The Hot Air Balloon Experience Over Gherardesca Park at Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

Florence, Italy

Taking off from the Gherardesca Park and watching the Dome, Baptistery and the Uffizi Gallery stretch before your eyes - and then Palazzo Pitti, the Boboli Garden, the Church of San Miniato and whatever the sight can cover: this is one of the privileges to enjoy at Four Seasons Hotel Firenze.

And if life’s one true luxury is space and time, here comes a wonderful colourful hot air balloon that will take guests to the sky, where noise is no longer heard and time is only a word, while sipping a glass of Champagne. Assisted by an experienced pilot, guests can choose to enjoy it whether as a party of two or with the whole family, as a gift that the children will never forget. A physical flight but also a flight of the spirit, a one-hour experience that will last a lifetime.

The choice is to combine this experience with a superb dinner at the Michelin-starred restaurant Il Palagio, in the romantic Chapel or on the exclusive Altana Terrace with view of the city, or simply ask to have a picnic meal prepared upon return, in a corner of the garden, lying on the grass, with a delicious sandwich and a glass of Champagne with strawberries, to celebrate the arrival of spring, a proposal or any other big day in your life.

Or just the fact that you are staying in this unique city.

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