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Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva

  • 33, Quai des Bergues, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland

Sébastien Saillard

Wellness and Fitness Coach
“We have the Alps and Lake Geneva right outside our front door. Switzerland is a healthy place. The beauty here can be very inspiring.”


Four Seasons Tenure

  • Since 2018
  • First Four Seasons Assignment: Personal Training Supervisor, Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva

Employment History

  • Silhouette Sports Club, Geneva; Departmental Olympic and Sports Committee, Toulon, France


  • Toulon, France


  • License, Physical and Sports Sciences, Université de Toulon; MBA, Institut de Finance et Management, IFM University 

Languages Spoken

  • French, English, a little Spanish

From yoga to meditation, celery juice to cow cuddling, there are many paths to reach personal wellness. Sébastien Saillard has heard them all and believes the best way forward is to start at the finish: “Focus on your goals.” As Wellness & Fitness Coach, he has created an exclusive wellness program called In Census to get guests of Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva where they’re going. 

“I realised we had everything here at the Hotel for wellness in a luxury space – spa, fitness, personal trainers, restaurants – but we weren’t connecting them to the goals of our clients,” he recalls of his inspiration for In Census. “So we decided to take a step further.”

Saillard reached out to a local hospital, a beauty therapist, and nutritionists to lead guest assessments, and worked closely with chefs from Michelin-starred Il Lago and rooftop Izumi to create wholesome dishes for healthy dining. He also drew upon years of personal experience as a coach and trainer to evaluate physical and mental health and create bespoke fitness plans.

Saillard ended up with four core In Census programs of three- or seven-days duration, each designed to heal and rejuvenate body and mind through experiences of pleasure, relaxation, and physical activity. They cover Detox & Weight Loss, Muscle Development, Performance, and Relax & Detox.  

The great outdoors around the Hotel is an essential element in all programming, with trainer-led outings taking guests on scenic hiking excursions, paddle-boarding tours, and more. “We have the Alps and Lake Geneva right outside our front door,” he says. “Switzerland is a healthy place. The beauty here can be very inspiring.”

Health and fitness have long been a focus for Saillard. Growing up in Toulon along the Mediterranean coast of France, he was inspired to sports by his father’s fiery passion for rugby. He hit the pitch at a young age and played along for several years, but as he grew so did love for boxing. 

“Pretty soon, I was going to rugby practice, but sneaking out to take a bus to boxing classes. My father never knew.” Did he ever find out? “Yes, eventually. But once he realised I was good at boxing, he was very proud.”

Saillard went on to study sports and fitness and served as a rifleman in a special forces unit of the French Navy. He later worked for the French National Olympic and Sports Committee, and then as a personal trainer while earning an MBA at night school. The skills he developed in the classroom have been essential to his success, he says. “Studying business taught me so much about project management. I always recommend it to personal trainers who are looking for direction in their careers.”

Part of the Four Seasons family in Geneva since 2018, the same year he won the title Mister Suisse Francophone, Saillard is enamoured of the company’s values as well as the trust he received from the Hotel management team. “They encouraged me to create something, and that gave me a lot of confidence to put together In Census,” he says. “The most important part of my job in wellness is to help people. Giving me the opportunity to do it went a long way.”