Four Seasons Tented Camp Chef Pisan Torphet Reveals His #FSMasterdish


Golden Triangle, Thailand

Set in amid the exotic bamboo jungles of the Golden Triangle, Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle gives guests an unadulterated experience of living in true 19th century explorer style. The immersive journey back in time is highlighted by the ingenious incorporation of these surrounds into the Camp experience – from the typical ruak bamboo used in the design of the tent, to the inspired outdoor spa therapy and sustainable straws and glasses made from this naturally available material.

Putting this sustainable product to further use, Pisan Torphet, Camp Chef, was inspired to create pla krabok or bamboo fish - a signature dish served exclusively to guests at the Elephant Camp Dinner. “In the old days, one of the survival tips in the jungle or rural area was to use bamboo as a natural food container to cook fish, meat or vegetables, or store clean drinking water,” explains Pisan. The origins of this dish could be attributed to the hill tribes of Northern Thailand, influenced by the Chiang Tung kingdom from Myanmar and Luang Prabang from Laos.

Bringing this tradition back to the Camp’s setting, Pisan introduces pla krabok, using bamboo to cook fish over the wood/charcoal fire with local herbs and vegetables. “This dish was commonly made by the hill tribe workers. The fish would have its own gravy so would be eaten with rice,” explains Pisan, who was handed down this recipe by his great-grandmother. “It’s a truly local dish that can’t be found anywhere else. We marinate fresh ruby fish fillets with homemade curry paste and place it in a green bamboo pipe. We roast it on a bonfire next to the dinner table, so the guests can smell the fantastic flavours,” he explains. The candlelit supper is served under a private canopy, alongside traditional live Thai music and a view of slumbering elephants, making it a perfect ‘glamping’ experience.

Guests can savour this #FSMasterdish and other specialties when they choose any of the private dining experiences at the Camp, set in the most magical surrounds for a memory of a lifetime.