One Michelin-Starred Yu Yue Heen Launches Chinese New Year Celebration Menu at Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou


January 3, 2019,
Guangzhou, China

The Spring Festival, luck and good fortune abound with an auspicious Year of the Pig. At one Michelin-starred Yu Yue Heen at Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou, exquisite dining experiences await with curated menus that feature an abundance of prosperous ingredients. Savour with beloved family and friends, enjoy this special time of the year.

Chinese New Year celebrations are never complete without a festive tossing of barbecued suckling pork, which means “prosperous.” With handcrafted barbecue, the selected pork will become crispy and juicy. The menu also presents some of the most popular dishes in Yu Yue Heen: barbecued pork belly, the traditional celebration dish in Cantonese cuisine, with the sophisticated skills of the chefs, the skin of the pork belly is crispy and the texture is tender; marinated Wenchang chicken, deep-fried minced ginger, there is an old saying that “without the chicken, there will not be a feast,” thus, a chicken dish is never miss in the celebration menu.

From February 4 to 19, 2019, Yu Yue Heen Executive Chinese Chef Mai Zhi Xiong introduces four specially crafted set menus, including two elaborate menus for 6 and 10, and individual menus. Let’s celebrate the spring festival up in the clouds.

Celebration Menus

  • Treasures Set Menu - CNY 11,888 per table (10 persons)
  • Auspicious Set Menu- CNY 7,188 per table (6 persons)
  • Fortune Set Menu - CNY 1,388 per person
  • Prosperity Set Menu - CNY 1,088 per person

All prices are subject to 15 percent service charge (applicable government tax included). For reservations, contact Yu Yue Heen at 86 (20) 8883-3371 or email: