Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou Unveils an Exquisite Mooncake Collection


July 2, 2020,
Guangzhou, China

Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou presents three elegant Mooncake packages, featuring a selection of new creative options alongside classic flavours.

Inspired by the Magical Moonlight Box, a treasure used for travelling in search of a better life, the three beautifully decorated boxes are adorned with gathering clouds surrounding the moon and an auspicious rabbit, the iconic symbol of the Mid-Autumn Festival. From Classic to Deluxe and Luxury, the three choices are all perfect gifts for family, friends and business associates.

  • The Classic Mooncake Box features lava custard, a popular choice within China, traditional Da Hong Pao tea and lotus seeds with egg yolk mooncakes.
  • The Deluxe Mooncake Box is an ideal gift for those who are fans of traditional classic flavours. The selection includes assorted nuts with ham, rose snow red bean paste and lotus seeds with double egg yolks.
  • The Luxury Mooncake Box combines premium ingredients such as abalone with mixed nuts, bird's nest with lotus paste, XO conpoy and a selection of traditional favourites. This beautifully packaged box also includes a selected bottle of wine.

A beautiful gift for loved ones and business associates, Four Seasons Mooncake packages are available for purchase now, priced from CNY 268 per box. For orders, call 86 (20) 8883-3309.