How Travel Makes the Familiar New Again at Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou

February 16, 2022,
Guangzhou, China

Now, more than ever, it’s time. It’s time to open one’s mind and immerse oneself in new sensations. It’s time to let the transformative power of travel enhance awareness and inspire positive change from within.

But while the mind is free to travel far on a limitless voyage, the physical journey is mere steps away. A soaring urban icon rising high above the river and the city, Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou provides a multitude of sensations and experiences.

Up on the 99th floor glass façade, photographers flock to chase the fading light bouncing off the Canton Tower directly across the river. The omnipresent tower is never far away, particularly in a stylish room featuring unobstructed views of the shimmering neon giant carving up the night and the stoic sentry welcoming the morning’s first glow.

Dining in a spectacularly scenic restaurant - on the 100th, 99th, 72nd, 71st and 70th floors – is also an experience unto iteslf for both the exquisite meals and urban vista that has become a natural magnet for social media posts.

But while thousands of posts and tags may paint a picture, it needs to be experienced first hand because travel is still very much a personal expression. What one sees and what one feels are part of their own uniquely memorable experience.

Some of the most refined and engaging art pieces in the region are also hanging for perusal and interpretation in the Hotel’s lobby areas. There are even four seasons in one day on the white walls – spring grass, summer rain drops, autumn wheat harvest and winter snow.

Intrigue and wonder walk hand in hand at Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou, and all of it is right. It’s a place where the seemingly familiar is revitalized in an urban odyssey of discovery, as one develops new connections with themselves and the world around them.

Premier Canton Tower View King Room

  • Located on 74th to 84th floors
  • 70 square metres (750 square feet) in size
  • Floor to ceiling façade in the entire guest room
  • Luxury shell-shaped bathtub facing the Canton Tower
  • Panoramic view of the Pearl River and city landscape

Club Premier Canton Tower View King Room

  • Loacated on 93rd to 98th floors
  • 70 square metres (750 square feet) in size
  • Floor to ceiling façade in the entire guest room
  • Unobstructed view of the Canton Tower
  • Includes Club Lounge benefits on 99th floor

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