Sharing Love in Italian Family Style is All in the Food at Caffe Mondo at Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou

November 10, 2022,
Guangzhou, China

Sharing is loving and nowhere is that more obvious than in Italian food and culture. “For children in Italy,” says Executive Sous Chef Patrick Benedetti, “food means being with family and parents and a sense of security as they share their love through their meals.”

Born and raised in Florence, a historical city rich in culture and the capital of Tuscan cuisine, Chef Patrick knows first-hand the culinary joys of family bonding over meals. His new a la carte menu at Caffe Mondo in Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou features traditional home-style Italian dishes with generous portions that are tailor made to share with family and friends.

Start with the chef-recommended dish Gamberoni Verdurine in Pastella as an appetizer. This tempura dish is the ultimate comfort food with fried fish and vegetables succulently coated in a special beer-based batter to create a lighter, crisper and tastier dish. These classic Italian meals come in a number of courses that are layered and curated to satiate all parts of the palate. The Poletto Arrosto, a roasted spring chicken marinated with lemon, rosemary and black pepper, is a perfect accompaniment to be shared.    

Pasta is the glue for any Italian family and can be savoured with the Tortellini Alla Panna, a classic dish originally from the region of Emilia-Romagna renowned for rich gastronomy. The tortellini are cooked then coated in a cream sauce flavoured with garlic, parmesan and herbs while served alongside peas and delectable prosciutto. Adding a little more sustenance is Fregola All’ Astice, served on wheat pasta that resembles larger couscous and is celebrated in its home of Sardinia for its rich taste and delicately refined structure.

“Eating together is a magical moment,” says Chef Patrick. “Always cook from your heart and eat from your soul.” And don’t forget large portions as well, to be shared and savoured with family and friends in traditional Italian style.

About Caffe Mondo

Caffe Mondo, the Italian-inspired restaurant located on 72nd floor of Guangzhou International Finance Center, was opened in July 2012 when Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou officially announced its grand opening. Overlooking the spectacular Pearl River, the all day dining restaurant provides 132 seats plus a private dining room with river view that can hold 16 guests. The overall mood of restaurant is contemporary and the open kitchen makes guests feel they are being welcomed into someone’s home. Italian Chef Patrick Benedetti brings Italian regional delicacies including up to 20 kinds of handmade pasta. Caffe Mondo features what could possibly be the world’s highest brick lined pizza oven to serve homemade pizza. For reservations, contact Caffe Mondo at 86 (20) 8883-3373.