A Fragrance Journey to Stimulate the Senses at Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou

April 13, 2022,
Guangzhou, China

The sense of smell can be both powerful and hypnotic. Regardless of the effect though, an intoxicating fragrance often becomes embedded in the recesses of one's memory.

In partnership with renowned scent maker OSMOSE, Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou is welcoming spring - the most scentful of all seasons - by offering an Fragrance Journey Room Package. Guests will be able to sample and choose the fragrance of their choice upon check-in and the Hotel will prepare a fragrance dispenser in their room.

Founded by a tasteful collection of Shanghai-based fashion professionals and artists in 2017, OSMOSE joined with the world’s top perfume specialists using the finest natural organic ingredients to create fragrances tailored to the Asia olfactory tastes. Among the fragrances created for guests is an eclectic array of scents that will boost moods and enhance a healthy lifestyle.

Ease cares away with Relaxing Tea, a scent that hearkens back to sun kissed southern Europe in March with daydreams fueled by the smell of refreshing clary sage and violet leaf. Black tea, almond, clove, moss and guaiac wood are also an integral part of this tranquil and entrancing early spring fragrance.    

The sensuality of evening is captured perfectly by the seductive scent of Moody Woody. Ginger and pepper give the night a spicy whiff of sexiness while the tender vanilla offers an irresistible and delectable accompaniment.

The Bedtime Story fragrance is a perfect way to wind down as the pungent scent of an old town on the Mediterranean Sea in Italy will enthrall with the fruity citrus combining with the bitterness of the orange peel. Black amber candle creates a scent that is blended with hints of fig, bergamot, cedarwood, frankincense, ciste and even a trace of fresh tobacco that is at once complex and composed as well as calm and refreshing.

The Mediterranean bitter orange is renowned among plants as a natural tranquilizer and is the inspiration for the Sleeping Pill fragrance. A twist of yuzu and citrus infuses a touch of sweetness in the air while black tonka beans, muguet, jasmine and amber are the dreamiest of consorts.

The scents diffuse into life in an aromatic celebration of creativity that can be both blissful and relaxing as well as sensual and succulent. Take the desired fragrance into the room, fill the air with a therapeutic scent to initiate a pleasant journey of inner peace with the stunning panoramic view of the city skyline.

  • Limited edition of Fragrance Journey Room Package from April 15 to May 15, 2022
  • Book a Premier River View King Room to enjoy a customized fragrance journey in the guest room
  • Confirmation is on a first come, first serve basis