Spring Has Sprung in a Delectable Afternoon Tea Set at Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou

March 30, 2022,
Guangzhou, China

Nothing is so beautiful as spring. The most promising and innocent of seasons, poets have long extolled the bounteous joys and rebirth of spring. It’s a time of freshness when everything is alive again. At Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou, spring has inspired a new Afternoon Tea featuring an exquisite selection of sweet and savoury.

At The Atrium on the 70th floor, there is a natural and invigorating sky-lit glow overhead to help enjoy the sweetness of the fresh strawberries that are the key ingredient in all of Executive Pastry Chef Keng Seng Mak’s creations to form the Spring collection. Everything from a caramel strawberry to a strawberry tart and jam is paired with different ingredients such as pistachio, green tea and lemons to create a delectable palate of tastes that encapsulates the freshness of spring.

The Earth is also alive with healthy savoury selections such as quinoa, green beans and cornichons that are coupled with succulent strips of wagyu beef as well as poached baby abalone and Boston lobster in another seasonal medley of taste. Poached baby abalone, quinoa, green peas, 5J Iberico ham form an exciting combination of shellfish, meat and nutritious coarse grains. Fresh abalone goes through a three-hour sous vide process that infuses a rich flavour into the tender texture. Chefs add one more layer of flavour and texture with fragrant stir-fried nutrient-rich quinoa and green beans to compliment this healthy snack. In the jalapeno peppers cheddar cheese brioche, wagyu beef, cornichons, chefs select high-quality domestic snow-dragon beef, accompanied by delicate cheddar cheese to go with crisp mini pickled cucumber and punching Mexican pepper, a unique spicy flavour that balances a rich taste of beef and cheese.   

All of the plates are decorated with lavender pentas, a flower better known as the sunstar whose appearance brings to mind fluttering butterflies alive with spring’s festive song. What is all this juice and all this joy, the poet’s ask? It is a strain of the Earth’s sweet being in the beginning. Spring has sprung and with it comes an invigorating pastiche of sweet and savoury of Afternoon Tea at The Atrium.    

Spring Afternoon Tea

Savoury Plate

  • Poached Baby Abalone, Quinoa, Green Peas, 5J Iberico Ham
  • Jalapeno Peppers Cheddar Cheese Brioche, Wagyu Beef, Cornichons
  • Tomato, Burrata Cheese, Pistacchio
  • Boston Lobster Tartelet, Corn, Ikura
  • Cherry Waffle, Foie Gras, Hazelnut
  • Oscietra Caviar, Potato blinis

Sweet Plate

  • Strawberry Tart
  • Pistachio Financier, Strawberry Jam
  • Strawberry Green Tea Slice
  • Caramel Strawberry Choux
  • Strawberry, Lemon
  • Fruit Skewer
  • Plain and Raisin Scones