Escape Modern Day Stresses and Change Your Way of Thinking: Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Introduces Hypnotherapy

August 22, 2019,
Hampshire, England

Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire announce a new collaboration with clinically trained hypnotherapist Mark Williams.

Alongside Mark, guests will explore the origins of hypnosis and understand how they can use this innovative Deep Mind Massage to reach new goals and improve their mental well-being.

Whether they want to lose weight, reduce stress, combat sleep disorders, break a bad habit or overcome a phobia – hypnotherapy could be the answer to achieve this and much more.

During the one hour session, Mark will personalise the process to fit the guest’s needs and individual requirements. After the session, guests will then be able to continue the therapy with a complimentary hypnosis recording to listen to at home to compound what was done in the session.

To further enhance the treatment, the unique Mind Massages will also be available as part of a package with the existing range of massage therapies at Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire, allowing guests to fully address their mind, body and soul.

For those interested in longer programs of treatments, Mark can also provide an initial consultation where guests can ask questions and find out more about hypnotherapy before booking.  

Four Seasons hopes that by offering hypnotherapy it will be able to provide a relaxing therapy that offers fast results, leaving guests feeling totally relaxed - mentally and physically.

Talking about therapy, Mark explains, “With my dedicated help and positive attitude, we can work together to help reduce or remove challenges. Hypnotherapy is a collaborative process. Clients should treat the therapy as an investment in themselves.”

Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Spa

Located in a picturesque 18th century stable block, The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire captures the essence of the Estate’s historic past.

Positioned discreetly, set apart from the Hotel yet easily reached through a glass walkway, the 2,900 square metre (31,000 square foot) Spa provides an ideal setting in which to relax, revive and re-energise.

Offering two VIP suites amongst 15 treatment rooms, The Spa is spacious and elegant – a must during one's stay.  An oasis of relaxation, there is an unparalleled selection of bespoke treatments and experiences to choose from, with holistic therapies, high performance facials and body treatments.

The Spa also features a family adventure pool, Sharkie’s Reef, a 20 metre (65 foot) conservatory-style swimming pool with outdoor vitality pool, sauna and steam rooms.

Prices start from GBP 100 and terms and conditions apply.