The Nam Hai Cooking Academy is Getting Steamy: A New Series of Dining Events at Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai, Hoi An, Vietnam


May 29, 2019,
Hoi An, Vietnam

To make the most of its secluded garden location and outdoor dining veranda, The Nam Hai Cooking Academy has introduced a new series of twice-weekly dining events – Expressions – to showcase the passion and skills of visiting Four Seasons chefs from around the globe at Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai.  

Kicking off proceedings is The Steam House: a pop-up dim sum dining delight brought to life by the creative menu of Dim Sum Chef Derry Luo from Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen in China.  The Steam House will be exclusively available for a maximum of 24 diners every Wednesday and Sunday evening through July 31, 2019. 

With a name that translates as "touch your heart," dim sum is everyone’s favourite dish of bite-sized beauties. From organic bamboo shoot and wild scallion jaozi with cassava salad and roasted chilli paste dip to crispy pork and blue shrimp dumplings with white cabbage salad and ginger vinegar dip, this special menu presents a rare opportunity to fall in love with endless baskets of gorgeousness created from the recipes of one of the best dim sum masters in the business.  

Growing up with the dream of becoming a hairdresser, Chef Derry’s spur-of-the-moment side-step to follow his uncle to Hangzhou – inspired by a picture of his dim sum creations – was a spontaneous decision that skyrocketed into a culinary career.  His innate creative flair, and boundary-pushing determination, is today channelled into masterful dim sum art: from intricate multi-layer flower petals to swan silhouettes, all recreated by The Nam Hai Chefs for a rare out-of-China experience.

The Steam House experience starts with an appetiser and ends with dessert, but it’s the main menu where the dim sum magic lies.  Four courses celebrate nature’s geographical gifts – From the Garden, From the Sea, From the Farm and From the Outskirts – each featuring three dim sum creations, served with a perfectly paired salad and dip.  

Expressions will continue from September to November 2019 at The Nam Hai Cooking Academy with the flavours of Korea, courtesy of one of the finest culinary craftsmen from Four Seasons Hotel Seoul - stay tuned for updates.