Fire Up the Flavour with “Ssam” Korean BBQ at The Nam Hai Cooking Academy at Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai, Hoi An


September 6, 2019,
Hoi An, Vietnam

Four Seasons Resort Nam Hai, Hoi An, Vietnam continues Expressions – its exploration of world cuisine through visiting Four Seasons Chefs – with Ssam, a new twice-weekly Korean BBQ at The Nam Hai Cooking Academy, brought to the table by Chef Luke Lee from Four Seasons Hotel Seoul.

Meaning "wrapped" in Korean, ssam refers to the Korean style of wrapping meats in leafy greens prior to cooking. It also recalls Korea’s enveloping community-minded approach to eating: a celebration of togetherness both on the plate and around the table. 

Chef Lee will take up residence at The Nam Hai Cooking Academy every evening from September 8 to 11, 2019, offering an intimate Korean BBQ experience for a maximum of 24 guests to explore a sensory connection to Korean flavours. Ssam will continue on and be available each Wednesday and Sunday evening from September 15 to November 24, 2019.

Smoky grilled meats and vibrant vegetables vie for attention next to piquant pickled radish and warming wasabi in 20 varied side dishes.  BBQ offerings are enhanced by ssamjang, a taste-tingling dipping sauce made with soybeans and red chili paste. Guests can choose from beef, pork and chicken options alongside a sizzling seafood selection of clams, calamari and prawns. 

A corresponding drinks menu adds further Korean texture in the form of the country’s national drink soju, a rice- or grape-based beverage always served with food and consumed communally - no one pours their own! The tangy-sweet fizz of traditional rice wine, makgeolli, also makes an appearance, along with craft beer, soju cocktails and plum wine. 

With Chef Lee’s passion for his country’s cuisine, guests can expect a thrilling East Asian adventure with community at its heart. Inspired by his mother’s cooking, Chef Lee reveals that Korean BBQ food best reflects the sharing and connective nature of Korean life. “It’s the kind of food enjoyed with family as part of a celebration,” he says. “Community spirit is an integral part of Korean culture and it gives me great pleasure to share the essence of this love of food, friends and family with guests at Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai.”