Five Steps to Emotional Recovery at the Heart of the Earth Spa

Hoi An, Vietnam

Named “Best Emotional Recovery Space” at the Condé Nast Traveller Spa Awards 2019The Heart of the Earth Spa at Four Seasons Resort Hoi An places great emphasis on providing emotional nourishment way beyond the mere physical act of administering treatments. Here are just a few ways to attain emotional recovery at The Heart of The Earth Spa…

1. Ease into a Nam Hai Earth Song Treatment

Melt into two and a half hours of restorative healing with a mesmerising signature treatment. Surrender emotions to the warm cleansing smoke of sustainable Hoi An agarwood, an ancient incense ritual said to elevate consciousness and promote peace; come back to yourself through an energising Vietnamese scrub and bath using nourishing homegrown herbs; recalibrate body and mind with unique balancing bodywork featuring gem-tipped tuning forks; then submit to the deep vibrational power of a full octave sound bath. 

2. Give a ‘Goodnight Kiss To The Earth’ 

Every evening, the Spa Reception is filled with deeply soothing music of crystal singing bowls – a profound form of healing that works on a vibrational level to effect lasting wellbeing – before the Earth is communally bid goodnight. Guests are invited to write a ‘Love Letter to the Earth’ if they feel called to, before floating it on the Spa lotus pond with a candle, creating a magical flickering reflection for all to enjoy. With gratitude cited as a major component in a sense of wellbeing and peace, this is a mesmerising activity that offers a multitude of gifts to body, mind and soul.  

3. Bathe in a Spa Villa

Combining the therapeutic effects of aromatherapy with an enchanting over-lagoon experience, The Heart of the Earth Spa’s Villa Baths offer a complete system reset. The Couple’s Love Bath draws on heavenly rose and tuberose to promote love and connection. For restorative sleep, Deep Relax merges the sedative benefits of vetivert, sandalwood and chamomile. Revive incorporates enlivening and cleansing pink grapefruit, rosemary and juniper berry, while Equilibrium’s trio of geranium, frankincense and rose offers a heart-warming hug of sensory pleasure.

4. Indulge with our Extraordinary Experience: Mother Earth Melodies

Take your healing to the next level with The Nam Hai’s after-hours private-use of The Heart of the Earth Spa. A once-in-a-lifetime experience, it begins with an intimate Goodnight Kiss to the Earth candle-lighting ceremony at sunset led by the Spa’s Resident Singing Bowl Artist, Oanh Ngo. Following a divine three-course wellness dinner lovingly prepared by the Resort chefs, guests are then escorted across the lantern-lit lagoon in a Vietnamese basket boat by a boatman in traditional clothing. The heavenly experience continues with a singing bowl lesson at the double spa villa and a blissful rose aromatherapy bath in a double tub filled with lotus blossoms while the sounds of singing bowl master, Oanh reach you from the deck outside. A Stability Massage, performed by two therapists per guest, draws the night to a close with deep nurturing. 

5. Experience a ‘Core Connection’ Ritual

Restore inner strength with inspired rituals that draws on different Earth energies to promote deep healing. Adreno Restore is a grounding and supportive nutrient-dense ritual to see you through life’s challenges via a blend of adaptogenic herbs and strengthening bodywork, while Earth Rhythms comprises energising and uplifting scrub, wrap, sound therapy and marma point bodywork making it ideal for those suffering from emotional exhaustion. Rainforest Rejuvenation and Rose Infinity are the best choice to promote inner calm and balance the nervous system.