An Homage to Culture and Community

Onsite 19th century temple perfectly preserved
Hoi An, Vietnam
It is customary for all villages in Vietnam to maintain a temple for tutelary gods.  Within the grounds of Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai, Hoi An is the perfectly preserved Ha My Temple, located on its original site although completely rebuilt and restored.  Neither rooted in Buddhist beliefs nor Confucian traditions, it was local fisherman who originally worshipped at this temple, praying for safe passage and return.  Continuing with tradition on every 1st of 15th of the lunar months, offerings are conducted by local monks to pray for health, peace, happiness and prosperity.

At Tet –- and other lunar calendar festivals –- locals still make pilgrimages to the temple.  In the words of a local, “The reason we keep the temple is because we want to show and have a place where we can pay our deep respects in honouring our ancestors.  It is a practice that preserves our cultural identity and values of the Vietnamese nation."