Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong Debuts Subtle Energies at The Spa - Pioneer of Ayurveda Aromatherapy

September 5, 2017,
Hong Kong, China

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong has selected Subtle Energies as the newest addition to its results-oriented skincare collections. A pioneering brand that forms a new paradigm between aromatherapy and ancient Ayurveda wisdoms, Subtle Energies creates their products each with a specific intent to address particular concerns or energetic types known as doshas. Combined with healing Vedic marma massage techniques, this unique skincare and body treatment collection has the ability to correct imbalances in the body system, develop a resilient immune system and calm emotions, enhancing vitality in a holistic approach to wellbeing.


The founder of Subtle Energies, Farida Irani, discovered oils that were unheard of in Western aromatherapy and bridged the gap by creating the purest Ayurveda aromatherapy active formulations that deliver authentic wellness. Her oils are all hand blended by the Irani family, ensuring integrity and purity in the formulas. The blends harness healing powers founded on Ayurveda principles dating back more than 5,000 years in written texts. The sustainable brand sources the highest grade of pure ingredients direct from farmers and distillers around the world. Products are all made in Australia, certified by Cruelty Free International and free of parabens, mineral oils, silicones and artificial fragrances.

The Motto

For more than twenty years, Farida has been healing clients with various conditions via natural therapy. The brand’s motto is very clear: Created with Intent, Made to Empower.

If as a creator your intent is pure, through the power of vibrational medicine natural energies promote and transfer wellness, empowering at all levels of our being. Through skincare and beauty you feel empowered and when you are empowered you feel and show beauty, they co-exist,” said Farida.

Signature Treatments

According to Shoshana Weinberg, Senior Director of Spa, “Subtle Energies aligns with The Spa’s goal to create mindfulness. As the pioneering brand for Ayurveda aromatherapy, they were able to send a team of experienced practitioners to train our therapists on Ayurveda principles. We have developed two treatments using Subtle Energies products. The Mindful Release Facial, which focuses on applying pressure on Indian acupuncture points, not only will leave you looking radiant, you will walk out smelling like a flower garden. Also we are featuring Shirodara, an oil dripping body therapy that is known to be one of the most amazing treatments for sleep-related issues. These expertly designed therapies will help reduce stress and unwind a busy mind.”

The therapists of the Spa perform the new Subtle Energies treatments with intention and heightened awareness acting as a conduit for the universal life force.  The results are radical in their emotional, mental and physical healing.  Guests will leave feeling a true internal shift, visible in a beauty that comes from renewed life force and inner peace.

Mindful Release Facial

Open new pathways to a higher consciousness and natural beauty. Immersive aromas provide a highly effective sensory experience using pure and active essential oil formulations. Begin with an intensive skin cleanse followed by a dynamic double mask designed to deliver hydration to the deep layers of the dermis. Finally, release muscle tension and anxiety with a signature facial marma massage targeting vital energy channels with pressure point therapy. Feel the opening of new channels between the physical body and mind - rejuvenating skin cells to increasing production of collagen and elastin while simultaneously providing higher clarity of perception.

The 60, 90 and 120 minute treatments are priced at HKD 1,750, HKD 2,620 and HKD 3,500 respectively Monday to Thursday and HKD 1,890, HKD 2,830 and HKD 3,780 on weekends and public holidays.


Relax and recharge the nervous and endocrine systems on the path to deep sleep. This ancient therapy uses Ayurveda aromatherapy essential oils and rich carrier oils to assist in creating total body and mind calm. The experience begins with a full body marma massage, including face and head, to target vital energy points. Warm, infused oils are then poured over the forehead and temples to soothe the nervous system. This stress-reducing therapy has also been shown to aid skin conditions and insomnia while helping to achieve emotional balance.

The 90 minute and 120 minute treatments are priced at HKD 2,570 and HKD 3,450 respectively Monday to Thursday and HKD 2,850 and HKD 3,730 respectively on weekends and public holidays.

For reservations, contact the Spa team at 3196 8900 or email