Your Daily Inspirations

Uncover a wealth of knowledge through Your Daily Inspirations, a daily schedule of complimentary activities with Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong artisans.
Hong Kong, China

Go beyond the average sightseeing tour with Your Daily Inspirations, a pilot series of immersive activities at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong. Whether you have a tiny window to fill or a full day to spare, the Hotel will help to complete your day without leaving the property.

Discover Hotel spaces not normally open to the public while learning from Hotel artisans. From making bread with expert chefs to tai chi by the pool, each complimentary activity will inspire and create unforgetable, thought-provoking memories. 

Chinese tea preparation
Make the perfect cup of Chinese tea with a member of the team from three Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant Lung King Heen.

Make your own poultice
Create a herbal poultice while learning about each ingredient under the guidance of our award-winning Spa therapist team in the tranquil setting of the Pool Terrace or spa rooms. 

Stretch it out
Learn how to ease travel stiffness and stretch aching muscles after a long flight with our fitness centre attendant.

Best of French cheese
Watch the team at Caprice restaurant prepare the cheese board for dinner service. For those who love their fromage, this is a must.

Be a mixologist
Shake, stir and mix our cocktail of the month with a Blue Bar mixologist. Be ready to take the spotlight as you shake your way into blue hour.

On Saturdays and Sundays, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong is transformed into a fun-filled haven for families and youngsters with a list of complimentary onsite activities. Some of the activities include:

Kid’s own – movies, popcorns and juices

Kick back to enjoy a family movie afternoon with popcorn and juices with selected movies every week.

Spend time with our patissiers

Go behind the scenes into our pastry kitchen and see how bread and pastries served at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong are made. Guest will not only see but also learn how to shape a baguette.

Kid’s zania by the pool

Follow our fitness attendant to learn some fun and simple stretches by the poolside. Build flexibility and strength for 30 minutes in this calm oasis.

All experiences are subject to availability and maximum capacity. To check-out the schedule, please contact our Concierge team to learn more via   

Find your daily inspiration with us.