Four Seasons Resort Hualalai Announces Hawaiian Iliahi (Sandalwood) Farm and Spa Experience

The lastest "Only at Hualalai" exclusive experience takes guests on a spiritual journey to a native Hawaiian iliahi farm followed by a sound bath and healing spa treatment
June 12, 2019,
Hawaii, Hualalai, U.S.A.

The Iliahi (Sandalwood) Farm and Spa Experience is the newest in a series of exclusive "Only at Hualalai" experiences curated specifically for guests and club members at Four Seasons Resort Hualalai. This experience allows guests to further explore the natural healing properties of the native plants and flowers Hawaiians used as medicine decades ago.

Iliahi is a native tree to Hawaii with anti-viral, metal clarity and anti-inflammatory properties, and has long been over-harvested in the islands. The Iliahi Farm and Spa Experience begins by taking guests via private helicopter or luxury SUV to Haloa Aina, an organic and sustainable sandalwood farm to experience how the forest is responsibly maintained and how the powerful iliahi oil is produced.  

Guests will enjoy a picnic lunch at the farm, personalised by one of the Resort’s chefs among the sandalwood trees. After returning to the Resort, guests experience the Iliahi Forest Essence spa treatment beginning with a sound journey and followed by an iliahi scrub, cocoon and massage designed to maximise the healing benefits of the plant.

The Iliahi Farm and Spa Experience costs USD 2,300 per person and an additional USD 1,500 per person for the helicopter transfer option. The experience can accommodate two to six people and can be booked based on availability Monday – Thursday. To make a reservation book online or call 808 325 8000.