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Four Seasons Private Jet Experience

  • Based in Toronto, Canada

Javier Loureiro

Director of Guest Experience, Four Seasons Private Jet
“We have some pretty amazing offerings, and the key to each of them is exclusivity.”


Four Seasons Tenure

  • Since 1979
  • First Four Seasons Assignment: Bellman, Four Seasons Hotel Washington, DC

Employment History

  • Four Seasons Hotel Washington, DC


  • Madrid, Spain


  • Attended Catholic University, Washington, DC and University of Maryland


  • English, Spanish

Every team member has a focus onboard the Four Seasons Private Jet Experience. Pilots fly the unmistakable custom-designed Boeing 757 toward Four Seasons hotels and resorts around the globe. Flight attendants convey comfort and food and beverages to guests stretched out in flatbed seating, with welcoming toasts  and delicacies influenced by far-flung cuisines. And Javier Loureiro, Director of Guest Experience, keeps a sharp eye on Four Seasons standards – and nothing less – for everything.

“We have some pretty amazing offerings, and the key to each of them is exclusivity,” he explains. “My role is to elevate every aspect of the journey even higher by ensuring a seamless Four Seasons experience for guests. When you travel with us, the possibilities are endless.”

That experience and Loureiro’s focus only sharpen on the ground. The schedule he holds for each multi-week Private Jet journey runs 50 pages or more, spelling out cultural engagement and recreational activities for 52 guests in pinpoint, coordinated detail. Well before departure, Loureiro helps shape excursions that may find guests exploring the artistic wonders of the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg in total privacy, pedaling on a guided bike journey through the countryside of Bali, or watching the sunrise over the Serengeti from a hot air balloon. “Experiences like these are really what makes the trips so exceptional,” he says. “We have a whole team with connections to put them together.”

Meanwhile, Loureiro works closely with each Four Seasons destination to fill guests’ days with dazzling onsite services such as chef’s table dinners, cocktail tastings and indulgent spa treatments. As if all of the above weren’t enough, Loureiro is also the point man for inevitable off-program requests, which similarly must be fulfilled in keeping with Four Seasons standards. Guests who’ve already peered at the perfection of Michelangelo’s David in Florence, for instance, may prefer an architectural tour of small towns in the Chianti region via private car and driver, or a private helicopter’s-eye view of the colourful cliff-side residences of Cinque Terre on the Italian Rivera. Whatever their desire, he’ll tap local connections of individual hotels and resorts to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

The resources Loureiro has gathered throughout his long Four Seasons career go a long way toward that. For more than 30 years he was on the concierge team at Four Seasons Hotel Washington, DC, the last 25 years as Chef Concierge. It didn’t take long for him to become enamoured of the full-on engagement the job required. “A concierge is a combination personal assistant, travel planner and confidant, keeping confidences and filling requests,” he recalls. “I was always on in Washington. Always. You quickly learn that the next person you speak with could prove to be a great connection for who knows what.”

Meantime, in a wheeling-and-dealing city where assurances can be as slippery as the person who utters them, Loureiro fashioned himself as a model of integrity. From scoring tickets to sold-out sporting events to coordinating guest relocations from the US to the Middle East, securing custom-made suits within two hours and so much more, he could always be counted upon to deliver. “When I said ‘yes,’ it was yes. ‘No’ was not part of my vocabulary,” he remembers. “Some things that I promised may have taken longer than others, but they were always accomplished.”

Loureiro first branched out to the Private Jet in 2012 as a Guest Services Manager, an operational role that saw him serving primarily as an onboard concierge for a couple of journeys a year while still heading the Concierge Desk in Washington. When offered a promotion to his current position, which encompasses both product development and onsite support, in 2016, he decided to leave the hotel behind. “Letting Washington go was bittersweet, but I’ve never second-guessed my decision. After three decades, I knew I’d exhausted what I could accomplish at the Hotel and I needed new challenges.”

He has them aplenty, as well as new rewards. One of the things Loureiro likes best about his new role is the opportunity to see Private Jet guests bond – with each other as well as with their Guest Experience Director. “That’s really one of the highlights for me,” he says. “They’ll all like-minded people who have gotten to a point in their lives where they’re curious about the world and want to see it, but they don’t want to have to think about getting from one thing to the next. So they put themselves in our hands and let us do the thinking for them.”

He also likes the reaction the Four Seasons Private Jet gets when it touches down at airports around the world. “People see the big logo on the tail and ‘Four Seasons’ on the side and just have to have a photograph,” he says. “We’re all over social media.”   

When not zipping around the globe via Private Jet, what does Loureiro like to do best? “To be honest, I really just like to stay at home with my wife Connie and enjoy the simple pleasures of family life,” he says. Nice.