How Colour and Crystals Can Raise the Vibration in Your Home

Bali at Jimbaran Bay, Indonesia

When Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay opened the new Healing Village Spa, it launched revolutionary treatments incorporating colour and crystal therapy, and designed spa suites specifically for these elements. One suite is sealed from natural light for an immersive colour and sound experience and has a massage bed made of heated crushed quartz crystal, while another is equipped with a rainbow eco-vichy shower that simultaneously bathes the body in water and colour. Therapists also completed intensive training with Aura-Soma certified practitioner Patricia Grace on the vibrational power of colour to help guests release emotional blockages.

“Colour has long been associated with emotional energy – think about the conscious colour choices made for sporting teams, national flags, brand logos, or those times when you inexplicably feel drawn to wear a certain colour,” says Luisa Anderson, Regional Spa Director of Four Seasons Bali, Maldives, Thailand and Vietnam. “At The Healing Village Spa, we have used colour and crystals to create the perfect environment for deeper relaxation and sensory immersion, and this is something people can also incorporate into daily life with more awareness.”

Here, Luisa shares her tips on how to harness the benefits of colour and crystal vibrations in the home:

  • In The Wardrobe: Making a conscious choice of what colour clothing and/or crystals to wear on different occasions, can help you feel confident and prepared for whatever the day brings. “To help your daily selection, consider colour coding your wardrobe and listen to that inner voice that says ‘I really want to wear that blue dress!’” says Luisa.
  • In The Living Room: Start with a neutral base for your flooring and sofa, and build layers of colour with throw pillows and rugs. You can have a few options and swap them out every so often. Crystals can also enhance your décor and mood – book ends made of crystal such as agate, renowned for stress relief, also make a wonderful showpiece.
  • In The Kitchen: Make a conscious decision on the colour of fresh fruits or vegetables on display and maximise this in the food you serve. Luisa also recommends a gemstone-infused water bottle.
  • In The Bedroom: To enhance quality of sleep, choose calming colours such as whites, pale pink and soft earthy tones, and keep a crystal nearby. “I place an amethyst beside the bed, I feel it helps me go into that rejuvenating zone at night,” says Luisa. If you would like to boost the romantic vibrations, place a rose quartz crystal in the right hand corner, known as the relationships corner.
  • On The Body: Rose quartz placed on the heart (or even in your top pocket) is believed to stimulate the anahata (heart chakra) and promote peace and forgiveness. Carnelian is often worn as a bracelet or other piece of jewellery to boost confidence and creativity. Holding a charged amethyst crystal in your left hand while meditating can help to deepen your engagement and focus.
  • Flower Power: Flower arrangements are another way to add a pop of colour and enhance crystal vibrations. Pink rose aligns with rose quartz to represent unconditional love; orange chrysanthemum goes with carnelian; hydrangea or lavender support amethyst in promoting a serene and calming environment.
  • Don’t Forget the Charger: Luckily, your crystals are powered by nature. To charge and cleanse a crystal, simply place it outside on a full moon and leave it overnight. This can be done anytime you feel the need for a fresh burst of natural energy.
  • What Colour Are You? According to Balinese philosophy, each day of the week is linked to a specific colour and chakra.  Knowing the day on which you were born can reveal dominant characteristics, which people can then be aware of and keep in balance, to maintain peace and harmony for themselves and their community.

A Quick Guide to Colour

  • Black | Characteristics: Infinite possibilities, unlimited potential, hidden rainbow; offsets invisibility and doubt | Balinese Calendar Day: Monday 
  • Orange | Characteristics: Family, friendship and bliss; offsets shock and betrayal | Balinese Calendar Day: Tuesday 
  • Yellow | Characteristics: Cheerfulness, clarity and leadership; offsets worry and over control |Balinese Calendar Day: Wednesday 
  • Pink | Characteristics: Self love, tenderness, warmth and passion; offsets self loathing, selfishness | Balinese Calendar Day: Thursday 
  • Blue | Characteristics: Trust, loyalty, protective nature, strong values; offsets sadness, fear of letting go | Balinese Calendar Day: Friday  
  • Red | Characteristics: Power and energy; offsets anger, frustration and resentment | Balinese Calendar Day: Saturday 
  • White | Characteristics: Purity, clarity, lightness of heart; offsets confusion and misunderstanding | Balinese Calendar Day: Sunday 
  • Purple | Characteristics: Free spirit/non-conformist, mysterious, deep thinker and daydreamer, strong spiritual sense; offsets pride and repression 
  • Green | Characteristics: Nature, empathy, creates space for improvement; offsets jealousy and heartache 
  • Gold | Characteristics:  Leadership and self-worth; offsets insecurity and resentment 
  • Silver | Characteristics: Imagination and creativity; offsets deception and hopelessness