10 Interesting Design Facts About Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff Johannesburg

Johannesburg, South Africa

Guests of Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff Johannesburg often comment on its beautiful design, and wish to know more.  Here, the team offers 10 interesting facts:

  • The central feature table at Cellar Door, which seats 18 people, was carved from a single piece of timber.
  • The cast iron bath in the Royal Suite was flown in from the United Kingdom and weighs approximately 200 kilograms, or 440 pounds.
  • There are 250 embroidered accent bed cushions throughout the rooms and suites that were hand dyed and embroidered by local artisans. The cushions were embroidered by one person and took a month to complete.
  • The Hotel features 375 pieces of original artworks, all commissioned from local artists.
  • The intricate radial stone flooring in the bar at View consists of more than 3,000 individually cut and hand laid pieces that were specially brought in by an Italian marble specialist.
  • The striking geometric floor tiles in Flames restaurant were inspired by traditional local basket weaving patterns.
  • The beading used for the panelling in the light blue style rooms amounts to 4,700 metres or 4.7 kilometres (15,400 feet or almost 3 miles).
  • The three dimensional face sculptures at the main arrival area were made from concrete and mining core drill waste. The mining core was extracted from local platinum and gold mines. The "faces," (excluding the bases they stand on) weigh in at one ton (2,240 pounds) each and were so heavy they had to be installed with a pulley and scaffolding system.
  • Originally built in 1997, The Westcliff was conceived as an enclave of luxury residents
  • International design firm Blacksheep (which counts celebrity chef Jamie Oliver among its clients) designed the interiors of View and Flames, the two main hotel restaurants.