Discover Samui’s Best Beaches at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui

Koh Samui, Thailand

Until the 20th century, Koh Samui was a self-sufficient community, isolated from the Thai mainland. There were no roads, which meant that travelling across the island involved a one-day trek through the mountains and jungles. With a current total population of only 64,000, this tropical paradise still retains its rural charm. Abundant with coconut plantations, Koh Samui iis filled with beautiful sights and secrets – none more scenic for dining, picnics and strolls than the beaches that skirt Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui.

Main Beach

A tropical playground where daybeds and umbrellas are set among the swaying palm trees, the Main Beach overlooks the picturesque Gulf of Thailand. Here, the quintessential Four Seasons Beach Service takes centre-stage, even as rum-based cocktails from CoCoRum Bar and hourly pass-around fresh fruits and local snacks are delivered in the traditional Thai hawker-style. Non-motorised watersports such as stand up paddle boarding, kayak and snorkelling gear are available throughout the day for guests who want to truly immerse in the amphitheatre of sun, sand and sea.

Quiet Beach

Further from the Main Beach is the adults-only Quiet Beach. Guests can get away from the hustle and enjoy some much-deserved tranquility – whether on large sun beds or wrapped in their most comfortable beach towels. For those who want to immerse in their wellbeing, The Secret Beach Spa is located within close proximity. Guests can indulge in signature massages while relaxing to the sound of the ocean. 

Beach House Beach

The Beach House offers a relaxed space for the entire family with fun games such as pool, air hockey, table tennis and board games. The open-air deck shaded by thatched roof, just steps from the edge of the ocean, is perfect for children to enjoy their afternoon – eating s’mores and watching their favourite movies on the beach. A popular venue for pop-up dinners and events, this beach offers privacy for those who would like to spend quality time together.

Talay Beach and Tawan Beach

With exclusive access to the one-bedroom and two-bedroom Private Retreats – Estate Tawan and Estate Talay - these beaches are suitable for couples or families of four to share the magic of Samui, offering breathtaking views of the peaceful ocean and the lush island of Phangan. Guests can add a touch of exclusivity to their holiday with a beach picnic at their very own private beach under the sunset skies or even a private dinner experience.