Foraged Malaysia: Bar Trigona at Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur Unveils New Cocktail Menu

The award-winning bar invites guests to sip their way through magical Malaysia

March 2, 2023,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Discover innovative expressions of Malaysia’s most-loved flavours with a newly minted cocktail list at Bar Trigona, the acclaimed drinking destination at Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Named the Best Bar in Malaysia for three consecutive years, Bar Trigona invites patrons on an immersive journey of discovery – and rediscovery.

Foraged Malaysia

Launching March 3, 2023, the playful new menu showcases the country’s rich diversity of local ingredients and beverage rituals, mapped across four distinct regions: Sabah, Sarawak, Peninsula and Islands.

Led by Head Bartender Rohan Matmary, the talented Bar Trigona team foraged high and low for the best of homegrown flavours and nostalgic traditions, giving these fresh expression through innovative mixology techniques and avant-garde touches. The menu includes drinks inspired by Teh Tarik, Bak Kut Teh and even Laksa!

“When we look at the world with new eyes, we find endless possibilities hiding in plain sight,” says Rohan. “From garden blossoms and fruit peels to spice boxes and tea rituals, there are so many elements of daily life that can be reinterpreted in exciting new ways.”

Menu Highlights

Embark on a liquid exploration of Malaysian culture with 16 new signature drinks. Must-try creations include:

  • Kunyit Royale. This hero drink finds inspiration in the Sabahan custom of using turmeric leaves to wrap foods fragrant with ginger and herbs. Four types of ginger root, foraged from the Malaysian landscape, showcase a fine balance of heat, aroma and taste.
  • Sarawak Bubbles. This sustainable cocktail evolves through the year, incorporating the freshest local citrus fruits with every changing season. Asam Paya, a palm fruit from Sarawak, lends a delicate blush to the bubbly concoction.
  • Mangoism. A ’gram-friendly tribute to the fruity abundance of Sarawak. Unique local flavours such as Bambangan wild mango and rainforest honey find their way into the glass, anchoring this cocktail firmly in the region’s vibrant landscape.
  • Penang Laksa. Penang’s favourite curry gets a cocktail counterpart. Iconic coastal flavours breathe new life into the bittersweet Negroni.

Alongside spectacular cocktails, the new menu also invites guests to explore two special offerings:

  • Bottled Cocktails. The bottled cocktails at Bar Trigona are perfect for a night out with friends or colleagues. Created by renowned Four Seasons bartenders in the Asia Pacific region, each signature drink offers a portal to a new destination, from Tokyo to Bengaluru.
  • Honey Flights. Explore different expressions of the same cocktail with experiential honey flights. Infused with seasonal produce, each honey produces subtle yet distinct changes in the taste and feel of the drink. Served in three small portions.

Rooted in Sustainability

As always, sustainability blooms at the heart of Bar Trigona’s unique offerings. Taking a hyperlocal approach, the team procures the vast majority of its ingredients from Malaysian farmers. They also work closely with local partners to support the natural habitats of honeybees and promote sustainable farming practices.

The Foraged Malaysia menu will be available at Bar Trigona starting March 3, 2023.

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