The Sweet Life - Cakes, Tarte Flambée and Savoury Puffs, Oh My!


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Calling all sugar fiends!  Cakes, tarte flambée and savoury puffs, oh my!  Forgo the urge for a doughnut or chocolate chip cookie (that is so 2017!), instead opt for something on the sugar spectrum that is anything but ordinary.  Welcome to Decadent – the contemporary café and patisserie shop by Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur dedicated to satisfying life’s sweet indulgences with the finest, handcrafted artisanal confections.

In typical Four Seasons fashion, the Hotel has thought of everything for travellers – from personal running coaches at the Fitness Centre to a resort-style rooftop pool in the heart of the city, and now the Hotel’s very own sweet shop to please the most discerning palates and most importantly, enjoy the sweet life.     

As with its namesake, Decadent offers an extravagant, yet equally playful and hedonistic menu of edible art featuring modern twists on old classics.  Here, the confections are displayed like a whimsical jewel box, featuring everything from made-to-order gelato to artisanal chocolates, seasonal tarts, desserts, baked goods, pastries and delicate cakes.  Just as dreamy, Decadent features an assortment of artisanal, hand-roasted coffee ranging from nitro coffee to class espresso, well suited for the connoisseur and pairs well with any of the confections.

Led by Pastry Chef Guillaume Guirand, who hails from France, the fanciful atmosphere combined with the delicious assortment showcases Four Seasons commitment to artisanal quality and authentic craftsmanship.  “Growing up in France, pastry was a way of everyday life, it was about taking a moment to enjoy life’s sweet indulgences,” notes Chef Guirand.  Taking a cue from Chef Guirand’s childhood, Decadent is the perfect excuse to take that moment. Inspired by Europe’s leading chocolatiers, the shop offers the perfect temptation to take a moment to indulge and features a live chocolate tempering station with custom made brittles that include classic, new and Malaysian inspired ingredients.  Similarly, the gelateria offers made-to-order ice cream and sherbet, using the finest quality of seasonal fruit puree and natural flavours from Malaysia.

Discover Decadent, and discover the sweet life in Kuala Lumpur.