Return to Your Best Self at The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Welcome to a haven of healing, where dedicated therapists provide ultra-personalised care
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Rising above the heart of Malaysia’s capital, The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur offers a serene sanctuary for patrons to refocus on wellbeing. Ease the challenges brought on by weeks of limited movement and working from home – from muscle tension and backaches triggered by poor posture, to blocked energy centres and emotional stress. Or simply take the opportunity for a much-needed session of pampering and self-renewal.

With private treatment rooms and enhanced hygiene practices, The Spa provides a safe haven to relax and rejuvenate. Therapists wear personal protective equipment to safeguard guests during treatments, so things may look a little different – but the feeling of indulgence remains exactly the same. Slip into a state of profound wellbeing created by the healing hands of these experienced practitioners.

While all Four Seasons therapists are adept at various treatments, each one has a personal favourite. Experience a journey of revitalisation with the following specialty massages at The Spa.

  • Rotan Manau Herbal Tungku Massage, with Najiah. “This deep-tissue therapy is inspired by Malaysia’s local wellness traditions,” explains Najiah, a qualified therapist. The use of a massage tool made from rattan (the tungku), combined with the therapist’s skilled strokes, awakens energy meridians, boosts blood circulation and firms the appearance of skin. An extra dose of healing comes from the oil itself, a potent blend by KUEM Royal Heritage Oil, featuring hand-picked ginger from Pahang. Emerge feeling newly energised. 60 minutes, MYR 433
  • Sports & Remedial Massage, with Tina. A masterful sports physiotherapist, Tina brings together scientific knowledge with years of real-world experience. Using a combination of sports stretches, compressions and deep-tissue work, this massage eases chronic muscle tension throughout the body, restoring flexibility and mobility. “Anyone experiencing stiffness in the muscles and tendons will benefit greatly,” says Tina, who holds a diploma in physiotherapy, focused on movement recovery and rehabilitation. 60 minutes, MYR 379
  • Deep Relaxing Marma Massage, with Cornelia. Balance vital energy points (marma points) throughout the body to enhance the flow of life force and boost overall wellbeing. An experienced therapist who has worked in Malaysia and Italy, Cornelia uses firm, flowing movements and an enriching essential oil blend to deliver powerful results, leaving you blissfully relaxed. Cornelia recommends this massage for those who are feeling stressed and tense. 60 minutes, MYR 433
  • Prenatal Massage, with Emilya. Mothers-to-be will love the gentle, nurturing touch of Emilya, a senior therapist who specialises in prenatal massage. As she explains with a smile, “Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life – full of happiness, but also new challenges.” Emilya’s healing recipe soothes aching joints, improves circulation and soothes away fatigue, relaxing both mamma and baby in preparation for a smoother delivery. Prenatal massage is recommended for women in their second, third or final trimester. 60 minutes, MYR 433

Guests with Four Seasons Lifestyle spa membership can extend their wellbeing journey with a number of privileges, including the use of the Hotel’s resort-style facilities. Schedule physiotherapy at the swimming pool for a refreshing change, or join an expert trainer in the Fitness Centre for a stretching session that targets all the right muscles.

To book your treatment or learn more about exclusive packages, connect with us via the Four Seasons App.