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Four Seasons Resort Lanai

  • Lanai, Hawaii, 96763, U.S.A.

Shannon Keaulani Eskaran

Hawaiian Cultural Coordinator
"I am fortunate that my job is something I am quite passionate about. Being of Hawaiian descent and raised on many of the Hawaiian traditions I am able share and teach, perpetuating our beautiful culture."


Four Seasons Tenure

  • Since 2010
  • First Four Seasons Assignment: Dining attendant at Four Seasons Resort Lanai


  • Lanai City, Hawaii, USA

Languages Spoken

  • English, learning Hawaiian

Shannon, whose middle name Keaulani means "Heavenly Earth” in Hawaiian, is working to create a rich and robust cultural program on Lanai, one that is very interactive for guests of all ages.  For the children, the team has created a modified bamboo stencil called ohe kapala - an ancient art form using intricate designs to create repetitive patterns.  Kids can apply them to postcards to send to friends or simply make designs on notepaper.  The Resort’s Hawaiian Cultural Artistry program is offered daily showcasing a variety of activities such as lei making, coconut leaf weaving, card stamping and more. 

"We also display a konane board, a Hawaiian checker board. The aim of our program is to talk, share stories about our culture and create a sense of place here on the island of Lanai," says Shannon.

Born and raised on Lanai, Shannon is mother to a young son and treasures the safe and unique atmosphere of the island. Part Hawaiian, she is a descendant of the Kalakaua lineage.  One of her favourite places on Lanai is Palawai, where she has fond recollections from childhood of spending time on her grandparent’s farm.  Lei making is one of her favourite activities in the program, she especially enjoys using ohia lehua flowers to craft beautiful creations to wear.