Poke Classes

Hawaii, Lanai, U.S.A.

On Lanai, our culinary influences range from what we can grow ourselves here and on the other islands to the rich history from so many different cultures that have landed in Hawaii - European/American, Japanese, Chinese, Polynesian, Filipino and of course Hawaiian - and all that melds together in our dishes.

Poke – a Hawaiian version of Japanese sashimi – is a true regional food. Hawaiians would take freshly caught raw fish and season it with a variety of flavours, whatever they had available at the time. At Four Seasons Resorts Lanai, the menu may feature poke with furikake, a Japanese seasoning often added to rice, along with sriracha or sesame oil, for example.

Join the chefs at ONE FORTY to learn more about this dish as they demonstrate the art of fileting a whole fish, showcase the types of fish caught locally and describe the flavours and textures of the meat. Following the preparation, enjoy a variety of poke samples and wine pairings and take-away recipe cards so you can try it at home.

Classes are available for one to twelve people maximum.  Please reserve the class 24 hours in advance.