Create, Heal, Spark Joy: Finding the Silver Lining at Home with Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

Four Seasons team members share ways to stay occupied and connected
April 15, 2020,
Langkawi, Malaysia

In this season of social distancing, many of us have been given the unexpected gift of more time. How are you spending your extra hours of leisure at home? Simple pleasures and projects can inspire a fresh sense of purpose and joy, easing the challenges of self-isolation. From culinary experiments to backyard camping, the team at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi shares ways in which they’re finding and nurturing that precious silver lining.


As the Resort’s resident floral artist, Zuraida Jaafar (Kak Ju) knows the fulfilment that comes from creating something with your own hands – which is why she’s putting her energies to good use in the kitchen.

“I’ve been drying and fermenting fish from the nearby village. Preserved in this way, it can be stored for months and is always at hand if I feel like snacking,” smiles Kak Ju. Her ikan pekasam is a Kedah-style preparation of fish fermented in coarse salt and ground rice, a recipe that’s simple but still takes a few days to complete, making it an ideal stay-at-home project.

Like Kak Ju, the Food and Beverage team at the Resort is well-acquainted with the joys of making things from scratch. At Ikan-Ikan, Executive Sous Chef Hairullizan Mohd Noor (Panjang) uses fresh-ground spices and homegrown ingredients to craft authentic Malaysian dishes, while over at Rhu Bar, Head Bartender Surinder Virk infuses gin with island herbs and flowers. Savour the creativity of these Langkawi mainstays when Four Seasons reopens its doors on July 3, 2020.


Executive Sous Chef Panjang is taking this opportunity to concoct immunity-boosting drinks at home, using local ingredients.

“My wife and I have been researching simple ways to strengthen our immune systems. Southeast Asia has a vibrant medicinal tradition, so we’ve found lots of great recipes,” he notes enthusiastically. “So far, my favourite is air asam jawa, made from tamarind, honey and lime. It’s full of antioxidants and excellent for a sore throat, cough and cold.”

Guests can also taste this healthful drink at the Four Seasons Geo Spa, where Eastern wisdom is combined with the island’s natural bounty, such as the delicate honey made by local stingless bees. Rebalance and re-energise as the healing hands of therapists employ age-old Ayurvedic techniques to harmonise the four fundamental elements – earth, air, fire and water. Drawing on the primal energy of Langkawi, custom treatments feature pure Andaman Sea salt and mineral-rich sea cucumber balm. The wellness team looks forward to welcoming guests back into the Geo Spa’s healing embrace, the perfect antidote for physical, mental and emotional stress.

Spark Joy

Indran Santhirasekaran, the Front Office Manager, can’t wait to get back to the legendary sunsets at the Resort, “the favourite part of my workday.” While the mile-long beach and lush greenery of Four Seasons are temporarily unavailable, Indran is making the most of his very own backyard.

“When we couldn’t go out, my daughter and I asked ourselves: What’s available right here? Can we reimagine it? Can we change it?” he explains. Inspiration arrived in the form of do-it-yourself camping. Equipped with homemade tents made from repurposed materials, the campers are happily rediscovering the simple pleasure of being in nature with loved ones.

Taking the time for meaningful moments comes naturally at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi. Guests can toast the island’s most spectacular sunset with story-infused cocktails at Rhu Bar, and connect with the Earth through the Geo Spa’s grounding evening ritual. Or simply stroll, run and cycle freely across the verdant grounds, with birdsong and forest chatter to renew the spirit.

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