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Four Seasons Resort Langkawi, Malaysia

  • Jalan Tanjung Rhu, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia

Giuseppe Pucciarelli

Executive Chef
“As a chef, I find that the simplest things often prove to be my greatest inspirations. Being open to new ideas is the secret to keeping your food fresh and exciting.”


Four Seasons Tenure

  • Since 2022
  • First Four Seasons Assignment: Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano

Employment History

  • Maxx Royal Kemer Resort, Turkey; Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano, Egypt; Mondrian Hotel, Doha, Qatar; InterContinental Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal; Disney Cruise Lines, worldwide; Oceania Cruise Lines, worldwide; InterContinental Hotel, Malta; IF Restaurant Art Gallery, Tuscany, Italy; Annabel’s Club, London, UK; Strada Restaurant, London, UK; Snows On The Green, London, UK; Bertorelli Restaurant, London, UK; Cantina del Ponte, London, UK; Cupido Restaurant, Bologna, Italy; Pizzeria Castello, Caggiano, Italy


  • Caggiano, Italy

Languages Spoken

  • Italian, English, Portuguese

With a storied culinary career spanning four continents, Giuseppe Pucciarelli (or Chef Jo, as he is popularly known) brings an exciting international perspective to the dining table. For nearly 30 years, he has honed his craft in incredibly varied kitchens around the world: pizzerias in Italy; hearty pubs and swish clubs in London; luxury hotels in Portugal, Qatar, Egypt and Turkey; and even a worldwide cruise liner or two.

A globetrotter with a passion for farm-to-table cuisine, Giuseppe has introduced a bevy of engaging dining experiences at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi, including the extremely popular Chef’s Breakfast: “along with the buffet, we offer a selection of hot dishes that arrive straight from the kitchen.” The globally inspired menu includes specialties such as French Toast Tiramisu, Vegan Scrambled Eggs, and Morning Glory Eggs Benedict – a combination of poached eggs with Malaysian elements such as signature ribs, morning glory and sriracha.

Growing up in southern Italy, near the Amalfi coast, Giuseppe developed an early respect for fresh, wholesome produce. “My family grew their own vegetables, raised their own chickens and made their own olive oil. In fact, they still do!” he says with a smile. “Knowing the origins of every ingredient brings true joy to cooking and eating.”

His foray into the world of food and beverage came early, in the form of a part-time job at a local pizzeria. By 19, he knew he wanted to become a professional chef, a path that led him to Bologna and Tuscany, and farther afield to London and Malta. His desire to see the world then inspired him to work aboard luxury cruise liners – an experience that taught him the true value of creativity and resourcefulness.

Upon his return to terra firma, Giuseppe worked as executive sous chef at five-star hotels in Lisbon and Doha, followed by Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria. Most recently, he served as executive chef at a high-end luxury resort in Turkey, overseeing an impressive portfolio of more than 20 dining outlets and bars.

The most important lesson he has learned along the way is to be humble and open-minded: “You can learn from everyone in the kitchen, be it a commis or an award-winning chef. Being open to new ideas is the secret to keeping your food fresh and exciting.”

Now at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi, Giuseppe and his team are reimagining international specialties with Malaysian flavours, elevated by his own travels around the globe. He enjoys working with recipes from lands both near and far; think China, Mexico, Peru and Portugal. “The idea is to get out of our comfort zone and create dining experiences that captivate, surprise and delight our guests,” he says.

Giuseppe’s lifelong love of produce has sparked a slew of new initiatives at the Resort. Under his leadership, the team has expanded the in-house kitchen garden to grow a variety of organic herbs, spices and vegetables, which feature in menus across all outlets.

He is also on a mission to strengthen the Resort’s partnerships with small farmers around the island, with a view to directly sourcing the best of local produce. “The black honey found on Langkawi is incredible, as are the fruits – the mangosteen and longan here have a very distinctive taste. We have incorporated these unique flavours into several dishes, so our guests can sample the authentic flavours of the island.”

During his time off, Giuseppe enjoys discovering Malaysia’s legendary street food culture and exploring Langkawi’s natural wonders – from trekking in rainforests to kayaking through mangroves. “Being out in nature frees the imagination,” he notes. “As a chef, I find that the simplest things often prove to be my greatest inspirations.”