The Power of Love – Raja & Ratu Couples Ritual

Nurture and ignite love and intimacy with the Raja & Ratu Couples Ritual, exclusively offered at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi.

Langkawi, Malaysia

A profound journey of love await couples at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

Rooted in ancient healing practices and enveloped in the ancient energies surrounding Langkawi, the Raja & Ratu “King and Queen” Ritual unifies the mind, body and soul to nurture a deeper connection between couples. Dating back more than a thousand years, Malaysia’s early Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms of the Malay peninsula practiced this ritual, a combination of Ayurvedic and Siddha knowledge.  

The ancient ritual is unlike any treatment offered in a spa setting. The Raja & Ratu ritual focuses on three specific chakras—sacral, heart and crown—to maximize emotional and sexual connection, love and universal blessing.

The two-hour ritual which includes a couple’s scrub, massage, and Ayurvedic-inspired oil treatment featuring a collection of exquisite oils of mawar (the oil of love), bunga limau (bliss) and bunga melur (for stimulating the flow of love) results in a beautiful union of mind, body and spirit. This unforgettable journey of love concludes with a traditional blessing ceremony.

Reconnect, reflect and rediscover the power of love, only at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi.