Discover Stories of the Sea at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

Savour succulent Andaman Sea lobsters, freshly caught by local fisherman, Pak Din
Langkawi, Malaysia
Pak Din grew up with the Andaman Sea as his playground. Born into a family of fishermen, he and his siblings spent their days at the beach – swimming, playing football, and fishing with their father. It was here that Pak Din learned the age-old secrets of the fish house, a traditional method for catching and breeding lobsters, which he practices to this day in partnership with Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

Fishing for lobster from the fish house is a rare art. It involves creating a complex structure using splints of wood, which extends out into the sea. “In the olden days, you needed good breathing technique, sharp eyes and fast hands to catch the lobsters. Now, it’s become much more convenient and safe with the use of oxygen tanks,” explains Pak Din. “Of course, you still need sharp eyes and fast hands! I’ve taught my sons these skills, just like my father taught me. They will carry on the family tradition after me.” 

As the setting sun begins to paint the evening sky in jewel tones, Pak Din pulls up at the Four Seasons beach in his long-tail boat, bringing the best, freshest lobsters from the Andaman Sea. Guests are welcome to chat with Pak Din, who basks in the attention and loves to share his stories from his time on the sea. 

“To meet guests who are waiting eagerly for me and my lobsters makes me really happy. I feel that my efforts towards sustaining thetraditional methods are being appreciated. My favourite part is when they take a selfie with me and share it with the world,” he says, beaming.