Discover Classic Ramen in a Contemporary Way with Ohte Ramen at Four Seasons Hotel Macao

February 24, 2021,
Macau, China

Hot on the heels of the launch of Xiao Ting, Four Seasons Hotel Macao debuts Ohte Ramen in a continued rejuvenation of dining destinations at the Hotel. Ohte Ramen, a lively and energetic venue, is located at the Lobby level and serves freshly made ramen, creative Japanese savouries and sweets.

Greeting guests at the entrance is a painting of an evocative image completed with elegant stitching portraying the vibrant artistry from the Edo era. It is believed that the first ramen eaten in Japan was served by a Confucius scholar who travelled from China to Japan during the Edo Period. Today, ramen is a popular comfort food.

A Ramen Journey

In the prominent and dramatic open kitchen, guests can mingle one-on-one with the ramen experts behind the counter. The menu features four classic styles of ramen: tonkotsu (rich pork broth), tantanmen (spicy pork broth), sh­oyu (chicken soya sauce broth) and shio (chicken sea salt broth).  

The freshly made noodles, chewy and firm, interacts harmoniously with the tasty broth, which is prepared with the chef’s own recipe. Authentic ingredients – regular and whole wheat flour from Hokkaido, and spring water from Japan – are combined with meticulous skill to achieve flavour and texture for ramen connoisseurs.

The Mastermind

The extensive snack menu is already rising in popularity with dishes such as wagyu sando, gyoza and edamame among firm favourites. “We put a lot of effort into the making of noodles and the broth, but the side dishes and desserts are just as important. It gives each dish the extra touch to create that moment of wonderment for our guests,” says Executive Sous Chef of Four Seasons Hotel Macao Benjamin Lim. “To enjoy a meal at Ohte is a complete dining experience on its own.”

Growing up in a family in which every dinner is treated as a sacred moment to appreciate the food and togetherness, Chef Ben gradually became passionate about food as a form of art and a showcase of his whimsical crafts. He believes that the basis in creating a dish is to question everything.

From Cocktail to Sake Pops

Sip on one of the new cocktail masterpieces, Japanese beer, or frozen sake pops available from the beverage menu. Ohte also offers two Japanese sake brands, Atago no Matsu and Ishizuchi, that are exclusively served at the restaurant.

All in Style

The use of Japanese design is apparent at Ohte: minimalist wooden tables with comfortable walnut timber chairs combined with textured leather upholstery, kimono-inspired fabrics on cushions, and booths in a luscious deep blue tone with hints of green create liveliness and elegance.

Ohte is open daily from 11:00 am to 10:30 pm. For enquiries, email or call (853) 8112-8380.