Four Seasons Hotel Macao Unveils a New Dining Destination - Xiao Ting

A sense of place and a space to pause

February 10, 2021,
Macau, China

Located on the lobby level of Four Seasons Hotel Macao, Xiao Ting, serving an array of Chinese and Western specialties along with an extensive selection of premium tea, is now open.

A Sense of Place

Both the design and menu were created with cultural intersections in mind. The furniture reflects a European sensibility while subtle Asian details evoke a bright, fresh and light tone. “Xiao ting,” literally meaning “dawn pavilion,” offers space for guests to pause each day.

“We continually work to rejuvenate what we offer to our guests. Following the launch of The Grand Suites at Four Seasons in late 2020, we are excited to now launch Xiao Ting, adding to our repertoire of dining destinations for our guests,” says Vikram Reddy, Regional Vice President at Four Seasons Asia Pacific and General Manager at Four Seasons Hotel Macao.


The menu reflects Eastern and Western classics, from comforting congee and soups, to dim sum and super green salads for light bites and club sandwiches and wagyu burgers for hearty meals. On the menu are also plant-based dishes including the Impossible Burger. Look forward to new dishes such as braised pork ribs glazed in coffee sauce and Chef Ben’s Grandma's Pineapple Tart, which uses a family recipe passed down three generations in Executive Sous Chef Benjamin Lim’s family.

The Language of Tea

Tea has been around since the third century and is purportedly the second most consumed beverage after water. Xiao Ting presents an extensive selection of premium teas in the Tea Bible, which details the background and tasting notes of each tea, as well as featuring tea pairing recommendations.

Located in the lobby level across from the reception, Xiao Ting is opened daily from 10:30 am to 10:3 0pm for lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Email or call (853) 2881-8822 for reservations.