ISA at Four Seasons Hotel Madrid is Recognized as One of the Top Cocktail Bars 2022 by The Drink Show

April 4, 2022,
Madrid, Spain

Hard work, sophistication and unbeatable flavours: three concepts that could absolutely be used to describe the cocktails from ISA, the gastrobar at Four Seasons Hotel Madrid. The bar has earned its “place to be” status with an avant-garde offer, while its signature Asian-inspired cocktails led the panel on The Drink Show to recognise ISA as one of its Top Cocktail Bars 2022, an amazing award for all the incredibly hard work done by the team led by Sophie Larrouture.

As the exciting Madrid Fusion gastronomy trade fair takes Madrid by storm, The Drink Show has recognised the hard work and experience of the professionals who deliver hints of unique flavour from behind the bar at this cutting-edge venue in Madrid. The iconic trade fair is celebrating a special edition this year after bringing together the most influential gastrobars and lifestyle restaurants from the modern hospitality scene for 20 years.

Flavour Award

Although Four Seasons Hotel Madrid is one of the most celebrated places in the capital unto itself, its ISA space is an essential ingredient to complete its offering. The hard work and exclusivity behind its new “liquid concept” has even convinced the most exquisite of palates.

Under the subtle supervision of its Head Bartender Miguel Pérez, the cocktails from ISA go one step beyond to play with flavours from the “roguish gastronomy” of Chef Jhonny Setjo, which is based on an Asian concept that combines perfectly with the feel of this place.

It is precisely that personal and impeccable touch from its Head Bartender that has led the ISA gastrobar to set itself apart from its competition. Through the concept of Haiku (a type of short Japanese poetry capable of expressing the complexity of feelings in the fewest words possible), he has created a perfect and minimalist symbiosis that leads to elegance and sophistication in his cocktails.

He offers a veritable adventure for guests to enjoy in each sip and whisks them away to other places via flavours that range from the most subtle to the most intense. And thus, any visitor to this gastrobar can take an incredible journey for the senses on which mystery is the central theme.

Madrid Fusión: A Gastronomic Encounter

As the setting for national culinary enjoyment, Madrid is home to some of the most important events for the hospitality industry. From March 28 to 30, 2022, IFEMA hosted the 20th anniversary of the most dynamic world gastronomy congress, Madrid Fusión. Each space at the event housed the essence of the best bars around while offering unbeatable opportunities to those making their début in the world of hospitality and looking to make a name for themselves.

The Drink Show is a major part of the schedule for this congress, an international meeting for cocktail professionals that recognises innovation and highlights new trends in cocktail preparation. It is back for the fourth time this year to reveal the hard work of leading professionals in this industry to the public through masterclasses and round table discussions featuring top cocktail professionals.