Four Seasons Resort Marrakech Offers a Variety of Wellness Experiences for Global Wellness Day

June 6, 2022,
Marrakech, Morocco

Beyond the energetic souks, Marrakech is full of tranquil moments that make one feel at ease, and its abundance of serene wellness retreats helps capitalize on its natural magic. This year, for Global Wellness Day on June 11, 2022, Four Seasons Resort Marrakech makes it easy to discover healthy activities within its fragrant garden oasis, offering a variety of complementary wellness experiences such as meditation, sound healing, a mindful garden walk, Reiki, yoga and more.

Global Wellness Day

Founded in 2012 by Belgin Aksoy, Global Wellness Day is a social project dedicated to the promotion of well-being and living well. Global Wellness Day is celebrated on the second Saturday of every June in tens of thousands of locations around the world only with complimentary activities.

Stop and Recharge

Mindful Garden Walk

June marks the transition from spring to summer, and is the perfect time to enjoy the jacaranda blooms and the energizing, light-filled oasis gardens of Four Seasons Resort Marrakech. At 8:00 am the wellness journey will start calling from the tranquil gardens of the property.  A personal trainer takes participants on a mindful walk along 16 hectares (40 acres) of private gardens, helping them gently awaken and energize after a restful night’s sleep. A morning walk warms up the muscles, promotes circulation and boosts the mood, helping one feel more alert and energized throughout the day.

Yoga Class and Healthy Refreshments

At 9:00 am, guests can tune into the sweetness of strength, flexibility and balance with a complimentary 60 minutes outdoor yoga class with Kalthoum Nabaha, followed by a refreshing selection of juices and snacks. This upbeat athletic yoga class will feature a blend of movement, energy and spiritual rejuvenation that will leave guests clear minded, while breathing the fresh air and soaking up the golden sun light in The Spa’s palm-fringed alley. Fresh local fruit skewers and low-fat snacks, along with healthy juices served to guests after each session, improve energy levels and enhance the immune system.

Sound Healing

To end this morning in perfect harmony, Four Seasons Resort Marrakech is honoured to host Lamia Bennani Smires from NaturaLift Marrakech for a group meditation and sound healing gathering.

Relax and Unwind

Zone Therapy

A complementary zone therapy will be offered to release tensions throughout the whole body. Having a reflexologist come into the Spa to treat guests will be a unique and inclusive wellness activity to help soothe and beat stress.


Energy work is also at the centre of a new Reiki session by Ramla Benbarka, who will introduce guests to the Japanese art of Reiki: A system of hands-on healing that utilizes universal life force energy to support the body in restoring balance and harmony. In this experiential healing circle, Ramla will create a safe and loving space for all participants to receive and experience the peaceful energy of Reiki. The session will finish with a group Reiki healing for all participants.

Smile and Rejuvenate

Aqua Dynamic and Power Workout

11:00 am is time to cool off in the family pool, while having a joyful experience with the Resort’s fitness instructor Karim Farhat. The 60-minute aqua session helps participants to move more freely. The hydrostatic pressure works with the blood as well and enables one’s blood flow to circulate more effectively throughout the body. This effectively decreases blood pressure and, in the long run, decreases resting heart rate. This benefit means the heart is maintaining its productivity while putting less stress and more happiness in it. In the afternoon, Karim will carry on the day of health and wellness with a fun power stretch Pilates workout to help the mind and body release every tension and promote blood circulation.

Hypnosis for Happiness

At 4:00 pm, Johanna Boudinet will organize a group hypnosis session followed by a nap. A deep sleep hypnosis accompanied by a wonderful ambient soundtrack, participants can rebuild their confidence and happiness from the ground up while drifting away into a deep slumber. Filled with carefully chosen positive affirmations to manifest success and happiness, participants can use this hypnosis every night.

Wellness for Kids

Wellness is the art of self-care and should be introduced from a young age. It helps a child to build resilience and combat stress through breathing and body movements. Fun games and child-friendly poses will improve flexibility, coordination and body awareness.

  • 10:30 am: Kids morning workout with Yassine Beneguida
  • 11:00 am: Creative workshop (creation of a dwarf village) with Samira Setraji
  • 3:00 pm: Zumba for kids with Karima El Ayoubi
  • 4:00 pm: Yoga for kids at the Zest Terrace with Karim Farhat

All day: Indulge in healthy snacking and a taste of wellness at Azzera Restaurant. Start the morning with a smoothie shooter, and enjoy a featured Global Wellness Day nutrient-dense dish for lunch, imagined by Executive Chef Nicola Rossi.