Discover Marrakech with Kids

Marrakech, Morocco

Are you planning a trip to Morocco and wondering how to spend quality family time? Marrakech is a vibrant and colourful city where children will be able to create their own stories and develop their sense of exploration.

Here are some tips and places to visit with kids from our Four Seasons Resort Marrakech concierges.

Jemaa El Fna Square: Definitely one of the most intriguing playgrounds for kids! Even if it is the place to hold on tight to your children, it is probably the best place for them to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the vibrant show. With snake charmers, henna tattoos, traditional music and games of chance they won’t know where to start. At the end of the day, head on up to a rooftop terrace to watch the food stalls getting ready for the night. Do not leave the square without trying the traditional Moroccan snails soup!

The Souks: During your shopping times in the fascinating souks of Marrakech, get your kids to assist you in seeking out the best souvenirs to take home. If you are a camera addict and you need a break, stop by the “Place des Epices” square for the perfect pictures of your children holding chameleons and turtles. Visiting the labyrinth of the souks can be chaotic and busy but new experiences are what travel is all about.

Get a Traditional Henna Tattoo: Everyone needs a henna tattoo in Marrakech. Let your children choose their own design: from little stars and scorpions to more traditional Berber symbols - a nice and ephemeral souvenir for them to show off back home! We highly recommend to only use the natural green henna ink to avoid skin irritations.

Camel Ride and Quad in the Desert:  Adventurous lovers will love to ride on the back of the desert king, the camel or take the control of a quad for few hours. Located only 45 minutes from Marrakech, you will enjoy the contrasts of the endless expanse of the Agafay desert. Book for a camel ride or a quad tour and have a magical sunset dinner under a traditional Berber tent in a local camp. If it is your first experience, here is a little tip for beginners: when the camel gets up, do not forget to lean back.  

Kitchen Class: A great way to introduce children from all ages to a new culture is to get them hands-on experience with a cooking class. Every week, our Kids Club organises gourmet moments where children can learn how to cook their own Moroccan bread or the secret recipe of Moroccan mint tea.

Waky: Twenty minutes away from Four Seasons Resort Marrakech, the Waky Marrakech is a cable park set on an artificial lake in the south of Marrakech. It’s an intense source of thrills and fun to create memorable moment during a warm summer day. The Waky Park provides all the necessary aquatic equipment for intense training.

Escape Game: This popular family activity is now available in Marrakech. Get your tribe to save the world by finding the genie’s magic lamp from the sorcerer Sokurah, escape from Alcatraz prison or find the antidote to save the Sherazade princess! Children and parents will have to show cohesion and patience to get out of the room in a record time.

Zip Line and Climbing: Located one hour away from Marrakech, head to Terres d’Amanar, a beautiful estate in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. To fully enjoy your time there, treat your family to a traditional Moroccan lunch followed by a fun afternoon filled with a range of thrills (from zip lining across canyons to climbing, scootering down a mountain, horseback riding, swimming and more). The most daring ones will go back to the site using the zip wire, the estate’s longest one at 320 metres (1,050 feet)!

Exotic and mysterious, Marrakech is an exhilarating playground for adventure and one of the world’s greatest family destinations. You and your little adventurers can discover many stimulating opportunities to learn and have fun.