The Next Wave of Wellness Lands at Four Seasons Resort Maui with a Revitalized Health Optimization Program in Collaboration with Next|Health

Visitors and residents can now access the future of health with a range of NAD+, IV drips, vitamin shots, and biomarker testing at the luxury resort and spa destination

June 25, 2021,
Hawaii, Maui, U.S.A.

Maui’s world-renowned five-star luxury resort Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea announces today an expanded focus on wellness with a slate of new customizable and exclusive offerings tailormade to enhance each guest’s vitality in collaboration with Next|Health, a revolutionary health optimization centre that focuses on preventive programs delivered with premium white-glove service.

The synergy between both forward-thinking brands marks a turning point for the future of accessible wellness and preventative health optimization for travellers seeking an upgraded spa experience with medical grade precision. Wellness-minded guests now have access to an array of Next|Health offerings, including Next-Level NAD+ IV, customized IV therapy treatments, vitamin shots, and biomarker testing - all available at the property’s acclaimed Spa.

"Next|Health's arrival is perfectly primed to offer our busy clientele an unmatched holistic experience, from which they will return home truly revived. We are thrilled to be merging Next|Health’s cutting-edge medical expertise with our innovative spa and wellness offerings this summer,” says Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea Senior Spa Director Pat Makozak.

Next|Health’s exclusive wellness offerings at Four Seasons Resort Maui include a potent coenzyme “NAD+” treatment, which enhances cellular health, function and energy, as well as a proprietary “Jet Lag Relief Pack” IV add-on. All treatments are administered and prepared by a registered nurse with safety top of mind.

"Next|Health is focused on delivering an advanced wellness offering to our customers who are looking to increase their longevity and vitality. We are excited to bring these services to Four Seasons Resort Maui, where guests will be able to access the future of health and wellness with our customizable menu while they are enjoying their vacation,” adds Next|Health CEO and Founder Dr. Darshan Shah.

Next|Health wellness services, available for guests aged 18 to 65 years old, at Four Seasons Resort Maui include:

  • Next Level NAD+ IV Drips: A coenzyme treatment to empower cellular health, function and energy. This treatment has been utilized to treat addiction, depression and PTSD. Expected benefits include elevated mood, increased energy, enhanced cognitive abilities (memory, focus and creativity), increased performance and better sleeping patterns
  • Customisable IV Therapy Drips: Choice of Super Immune, Detox, Hangover, Weight Loss, Energy Plus, Longevity, Glamour, Gut Health, Stress, Muscle, or Brain. Each IV drip is formulated with the same multivitamin base known as the Myers Cocktail, which includes: vitamin B blend, B complex, B12, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, calcium, copper and chromium.
  • IV Add-Ons: Four Seasons Resort Maui Exclusive Jet Lag Relief Pack (Glutathione, Hydration, and NAD+), NAD+ Therapy Push, Glutathione Push, High Does Glutathione Push, Hydration
  • Selection of Vitamin Shots: Super B Shot: B Complex + B12; Brain B Shot: L-Carnitine + B12; Beauty B Shot: Biotin + Folic Acid; Limitless Shot: Biotin + Mic; Lean B Shot: L-Carnitine, Mic, B12; COQ10 Shot, Immunity-boosting Peptide Shot
  • NEXT Labs Biomarker Testing: Comprehensive diagnostic testing to offer an extensive line of specialized blood panels, measuring hundreds of critical biomarkers. The comprehensive data provides a complete picture of current health to determine a unique optimization plan. Pre-arrival at-home tests also available.

From July 24 the August 10, 2021, the Next|Health wellness collaboration will expand with limited-time NEXT|BEAUTY aesthetics by visiting Lead Aesthetic RN Ross Callahan, infusing another layer of premium convenience for guests looking to achieve their beauty goals with wrinkle relaxers, fillers, and micro-needling with hyaluronic acid and PRP.

For more information, visit the website here. Appointments are required and can be booked by calling the Resort at 808 874 8000.

About Next|Health - Your Partner for Vitality, Longevity, and Personalized Health

Next|Health champions modern proactive healthcare with its state-of-the-art Health Optimization and Longevity Centers. Beautifully designed locations in Los Angeles and New York provide its members and guests with a convenient one-stop access to the future of wellness technology and sets the highest standard in advanced medical services such as: Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers, IV Therapy, Specialized Biomarker Testing, Infrared Therapy, Cryotherapy, Hormone Optimization, NAD+ Therapy, and Aesthetics. Members and guests also receive personalized care and guidance on how to take charge of and optimize their health from an expert, knowledgeable team that cares. It is the brand’s core belief that health is the abundance of vitality, not the absence of disease.