Four Seasons of Cocktails at Fifty Mils at Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City


June 27, 2019,
Mexico City, Mexico

This year, Fifty Mils pays tribute to Mexican culture and traditions by presenting its new menu during Barra México, inspired by the four seasons, which transform Mexico City in every way.

The creation of this innovative menu allowed bartenders at Fifty Mils to experiment with memories, dreams and stories that have marked their lives over the years, while offering guests Mexican flavours and legends in every drink.

The main offer of “Mexico: Four Seasons of cocktails” is divided into spring, summer, fall and winter through 16 new signature drinks, joining the bar’s classic and iconic cocktails, which have placed the Fifty Mils name within the international scene – by winning awards such as World Class Mexico – along with a whole new low-alcohol content cocktail section, a trend that has gained strength globally.

Distillates such as tequila, mezcal, and sotol are key elements in this menu for the creation of complex, intense cocktails, with citrusy, fruity and refreshing flavours, which take guests to the mystic and magical Mexico our ancestors lived in, people who kept a strong relationship with natural resources.

The tribute to Mexican culture is passed on through each creation and provokes all kids of sensations, in the same way Mexican food and folklore do. The ingredient and produce selection from local suppliers fuses harmonically with trendy and exclusive ingredients, such as matcha and Nespresso’s special edition Kenyan coffee capsules.

The team’s commitment and dedication for the creation of this menu led them to manufacture custom Mexican crafts, which accompany beverages and provide them with worldview. Cocktails such as Atotonilco and Primavera bear witness of the work by master craftspeople, through hand-painted glasses for Fifty Mils, which are not usually available in the market.

Abou Fifty Mils Bar

Eclectic, innovative, and free of pretensions, Fifty Mils holds a spot among the world’s 50 best bars. The team of famous mixologists has turned the bar into a true lab, where international travellers and locals discover the best cocktails and the unique, timeless personality of the bar at Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City.