Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City Invites Guests to Celebrate New Beginnings with Urban Getaway Filled with Memorable Experiences

December 15, 2021,
Mexico City, Mexico

Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City continues to welcome local and international travellers to enjoy new experiences, including exclusive activities designed for couples, friends, or families who wish to rediscover all the wonders that the country's capital has to offer.

Whether it is a romantic getaway or a reunion between friends or family, each offers unparalleled experiences, perfect for creating a special memory, rediscovering, or experiencing for the first time what makes Mexico City unique, all arranged of the Four Seasons concierge team.

An Ancestral Culinary Journey

Mexico City is made up of various natural ecosystems, mainly in its surroundings. Xochimilco highlights a particular area in the south for its ancient canals and pre-Hispanic traditions that remain in force today: Chinampas.

Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City has recovered this ancient agricultural practice, offering guests the opportunity to see it first-hand. Guests will be taken from the Hotel, with the option of flying in a private helicopter from Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City to a floating island in Xochimilco to its exclusive chinampa. There they get to learn more about this method's history and to harvest the ingredients that they will later enjoy in delicious dishes prepared by the Hotel's Executive Chef Emiliano Rabia.

Mezcal, from its Origin

One of Mexico's most iconic drinks is produced using equally iconic techniques. Led by the Head Mixologist, Four Seasons guests will discover the process of making mezcal, together with local distillers who will show them step by step the origin of this drink, and then taste it in front of fantastic agave fields with a delicious meal.

The Actual Height of the Capital

Some things are more enjoyable when viewed from the right angle. For example, Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City offers one of the best views of the City, the emblematic archaeological zone of Teotihuacan: a trip in a hot air balloon, at the perfect height to enjoy the wonderful and mysterious pyramids of Mexico's ancient cultures.

Back on dry land, guests will be able to enjoy an al fresco brunch at a private hacienda that will complement this exciting journey through the sky.

Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City is ready to welcome all local and foreign guests and make Mexico part of their 2022 travel plans, offering unique experiences for all that visit. The team is prepared to accommodate travellers and together create extraordinary memories.

Let the Hotel's Concierge team help create memorable moments in Mexico City.