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Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City

  • Paseo de la Reforma #500, Colonia Juarez, Mexico City, 06600, Mexico

Mica Rousseau

Head Mixologist, Fifty Mils
“Every cocktail has a drop of your essence, and sharing the story behind a drink with a guest enhances the experience and makes it even more tasteful.”


Four Seasons Tenure

  • Since 2013
  • First Four Seasons Assignment: Current

Employment History

  • Buddha Bar, Mexico City; Nikki Beach, Los Cabos; additional positions in Europe


  • Tours, France

Languages Spoken

  • Spanish, English, French and Portuguese

Mica Rousseau is one of the top mixologists in Mexico, having led the signature cocktail experience at Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City since 2013, including the launch of the Hotel’s creative bar concept Fifty Mils.

Born in Tours, France with French and Portuguese roots, Mica left behind nuclear physics and electronics engineering studies to devote his time to his true passion: mixology. He began working in restaurants and bars at 16, soon establishing his reputation on the world map of cocktails and bartending. He opened his own bar in Paris at the age of 22, where he experimented with flair bartending and mixology concepts.

He moved to Mexico several years later, and quickly felt right at home.  His career continued at several prominent bars, and in 2013 he won the Bacardi Legacy cocktail competition with his Amalia cocktail, a mix of rum, kiwi, mint, elderflower syrup, lemon juice and ginger ale.

Throughout his career, Mica’s approach has been shaped by cultural and family influences.  As a young child, he discovered the importance of service and the fusion necessary for the creation process at a kitchen in the hotel where his mother worked. He learned teamwork and enjoyed the ritual of authentic cuisine at home without knowing those elements would go on to help him in his professional future. Influenced also by the diverse culinary culture in France, it was not until years later that he started applying these elements to his love of mixology.

He worked at Nikki Beach in Los Cabos and Buddha Bar in Mexico City prior to joining Four Seasons as Head Mixologist, where his focus soon turned to the development of a new bar concept as part of the Hotel’s extensive renovations.  Working with the Hotel team, the goal was to create something different from the traditional hotel bar with a unique signature cocktail experience.

Fifty Mils is the result of three years’ planning and hard work, and it’s where Mica leads a passionate and very talented young team that brings new ideas and creativity to the innovative gastrobar, which also offers Mexican cuisine and sophisticated street food matched with interesting signature cocktails. Add live DJs, and Fifty Mils has a trendy vibe that attracts those who wish to connect and have a good time in always-vibrant Mexico City.

“I don’t believe it’s the job of just one person,” says Mica, who coordinates a young team of six bartenders who continue to shape the character and cocktail list at Fifty Mils. “They drive me to continue learning, to be self-critical and to find the necessary spark to continue innovating each day. I am lucky to have a great team, each one extremely talented and with very different backgrounds and styles, which enriches this journey that we are on with our guests.”

Mica believes in the mystique surrounding the creation of a new cocktail. “Mixology has that kind of romanticism that allows us to tell a story with a drink, and to create an authentic experience for guests – no matter whether they’re locals or international travellers – and make them a participant through the ritual of preparation and storytelling around it. We enjoy playing and improvising with flavours, colours, textures and concepts to create unique experiences. After all, every cocktail has a drop of your essence, and sharing the story behind a drink with a guest enhances the experience and makes it even more tasteful and unique.”

Fifty Mils displays Mica’s passion and respect for classic cocktails, presenting a variety of traditional old school classics with a twist. The bar also shows his fun spirit and on-going appetite to continuously innovate, through a creative signature cocktails menu that changes each season.

“The day I stop having fun is the day I’ll quit,” adds Mica, a passionate professional whose love for Mexico and mixology has created an outstanding bar team at Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City, and a unique experience that everybody should try during a night out in the city.