What Makes Four Seasons the Best Hotel in Mexico City?

Mexico City, Mexico

When we open our doors to our guests at Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City, we always want to exceed their expectations and captivate them, creating in them the need to come back because they know they’ll always have not only the best care, but also with a surprise that will amaze our guests. This effort has paid in different ways, and has been noticed by our clients and specialised media alike.

When we decided to create a world-class bar just as great as the best spots in the world, everybody took notice of Fifty Mils, whose mixologists accumulate as many awards as spectacular recipes, such as the Best International Hotel Bar by Spirited Awards at Tales of the Cocktails New Orleans or the best bar in Mexico City by Travel + Leisure magazine.

The same happened when we wanted to offer the best of Pacific’s cuisine and the freshest fish in ZANAYA; nowadays, this is not only one of the favourite restaurants of those who visit Mexico City, but also one of the best 120 restaurants in Mexico according to the 2018 edition of the Mexican Gastronomic Guide by San Pellegrino.

Those awards are valuable because they reflect the esteem of our guests and the emotion they reflect every time they come back. Only for them we strive every day to be the best hotel for one of the greatest cities in the world.