Savour Mexico Straight or in a Cocktail with our Variety of Mezcal and Tequila


Mexico City, Mexico

Having the chance to drink the most iconic beverages of Mexican culture is reason enough to visit Mexico, and at Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City we have not only a great variety of the best tequilas and mezcals, but also all the ingredients to enhance all their flavours. Like the orange slices seasoned with worm salt, whose concentrated flavour can only be found in Mexico and produces a lighter flavour to the palate when drinking mezcal. Or chapulines, insects that from prehispanic times have been a predilect food and the perfect snack to accompany those distilled drinks.

But our passion for those Mexican beverages doesn’t end there. Along with Wahaka we have created a limited edition of our own mezcal, which combines the Mexican tradition with the essence of our bar, Fifty Mils, that is always offering its customers new flavours. And you cannot leave Four Seasons without experiencing a tequila and mezcal tasting guided by Mica Rousseau and Axel Pimentel, the mixologists behind Fifty Mils.