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Four Seasons Hotel Miami

  • 1435 Brickell Avenue, Miami, Florida, 33131, U.S.A.

Dan Normandin

General Manager
“I still can’t get over that I’m running these worldly hotels. Once I saw the possibilities, there was no turning back.”

Four Seasons Tenure

  • Since 1997
  • First Four Seasons Assignment: Hotel Manager, Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver

Employment History

  • Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta; Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco; Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara; Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver; Delta Hotels and Resorts


  • Winnipeg, Canada

Languages Spoken

  • English

“If you’ve seen Fargo, that was life on the Canadian prairie,” says Dan Normandin, referring to the “honest, hard-working, straightforward” characters that gave the Coen brothers’ flick its allure. As General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Miami, Normandin is now a world removed from where he grew up south of Winnipeg – and is feeling right at home.

Normandin arrived in the Magic City by way of a varied luxury hospitality career, including management positions at Four Seasons addresses in Atlanta, Vancouver, Santa Barbara and San Francisco. He can’t miss the irony of his humble past and cosmopolitan present. “Once you get out into the world, it becomes less intimidating,” he says, reminiscing on the thrill he experienced the first time he drove along the coast of California. “It’s the wonder of hospitality that hard work will get you to places like this.”

It’s more than just hard work, of course. Normandin is enamored of Four Seasons culture and its foundation of finding solutions, encouraging innovation and rewarding creative thinking. “We’re not a seek-and-destroy culture where if you make a mistake, you’re in trouble. That’s not the way to get things done.” Better, he says, to realize that with hundreds of daily interactions between staff and guests, something is bound to go wrong. “We get more loyalty from someone who had a problem that was corrected than from guests who have had a perfect stay.”

During his tenure in Atlanta, Normandin instituted a full recycling program at the Hotel – a proud accomplishment indeed. He was also known for going out of his way to get everyone involved in solutions and to celebrate staff successes. “Getting the entire team on point is key to assuring a Four Seasons experience,” he says. “If you’re running the operation by sheer force of your personality, then when you’re out of the building, they’re lost.”

An avid swimmer, Normandin’s past includes time as a lifeguard, swim instructor, and competitive swimmer, so the beaches of Miami are a perfect fit for his love of health and fitness.

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