A Taste of Sicily: A Signature Gastronomic Menu by Christian De Nadai at Quadrum at Four Seasons Hotel Moscow


September 20, 2019,
Moscow, Russia

Inspired by warm, sunny Sicily and its varied landscape from volcanoes to stunning coasts and unique Sicilian cuisine, Four Seasons Hotel Moscow Sous Chef Christian De Nadai has created an exquisite gastronomic menu dedicated to this wonderful Italian island.

“I was born and grew up in Italy and travelled around the country a lot. When I came to Sicily for the first time I was impressed by the mix of cultures represented on that little island. Local art, cuisine and atmosphere are truly special. I wanted to share the vibes of Sicily with our guests and introduce this amazing place to them. While creating this menu, I was following original recipes of the traditional Sicilian dishes but adding my own details to every course,” says Christian De Nadai.

“We paired the dishes from Sicily with the wines made by one of the most famous Italian winery: Donnafugata. The winery is 150 years old, and today the fifth generation of the Rallo family produces wide selection of fine wines from both local and international grapes and proudly represents Sicilian unique winemaking traditions,” says Quadrum’s sommelier Valeria Bobyleva.

The dinner starts with the chef’s version of sfincione, a traditional Sicilian pizza, in which Christian De Nadai marries simple ingredients, tomatoes, onions and anchovies, showing the strong connection between land and sea in Sicily. The chef offers seared yellowtail with mashed cauliflower and orange powder as an appetiser, which Quadrum’s sommelier matches with a Sursur White Grillo wine that perfectly complements with silky texture of cauliflower, citrus notes and delicate taste of fish. The recipe of a popular Sicilian dish - rabbit with balsamic vinegar and chocolate - inspired Christian for the third course of the menu. Chef De Nadai uses figs and one of the most famous Sicilian products, caramelised capers, in combination with porchetta-style rabbit and fennel powder. Valeria Bobyleva, the restaurant’s sommelier, offers Tancredi 2018 by Donnafugatta – one of the best wines in Quadrum’s collection - as a perfect pairing for this rich, flavoursome dish. For dessert the chef serves ricotta cloud with caramelised kumquat and pistachio - similar to famous Sicilian cannoli but with a lighter texture - which is paired with a wonderful 2017 Moscato di Pantelleria Kabir by Donnafugatta.

The Sicilian menu by Christian De Nadai is available in Quadrum until October 1, 2019. Four course set menu cost is RUB 4,500 per person without wines and RUB 5,900 per person including wine pairing.