It’s Time to Get Back #UpInTheAER at Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai

With new drinks and nightlife experiences, the city’s award-winning rooftop AER – Bar and Lounge returns to the city’s nightlife circuit, post the monsoons
October 1, 2019,
Mumbai, India

It’s time to spice up evenings once again as AER – Bar and Lounge at Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai returns to Mumbai’s nightlife circuit after its monsoon hiatus. With an exciting new menu of cocktails and mouth-watering tapas, coupled with interesting nightlife experiences such as sundowners, live music nights, weekend parties and more, the bar and lounge promises a plethora of curated experiences and fun evenings, all season long.

What’s new at AER this season? For starters, the AER team has put together a lively new line-up of cocktails.

“With the aim to offer a more evolved beverage experience that is eclectic yet local at heart, we’ve drawn up an exciting list of cocktails that is rich in locally available ingredients, yet still unique,” says Beverage Manager Deepak Shettigar. “Spot everyday ingredients such as ajwain, kasuri methi and raw turmeric in unusual concoctions that are sure to leave you asking for more,”

 These include Clarity, AER’s modern take on the classic Bloody Mary, made with vodka, clarified tomato and basil, lime, salt, ajwain and basil tincture, garnished with an ajwain leaf; The Lucky Nut, paying homage to the humble coconut and its multipurpose uses in an Indian household, infused with coconut fat wash whiskey, passion fruit, pineapple juice and bitters; All that Bitters, a biting combination of kasoori methi-infused gin and lime juice; Sassy Peach, inspired by a Whiskey Sour, featuring a mix of lacto-fermented peach puree, Scotch whiskey and lime; and Pickle Me Up, house-pickled gherkins, turmeric syrup, tequila and lime.

Accompanying this eclectic roster of cocktails are AER’s classic cocktails with a twist such as the B-Fashioned, Singleton of Glendullan with salted banana and bitters; and Passionista, sparkling wine, Hennessey VS, passion fruit and pineapple gum, as well as a selection of gourmet small bites to keep evenings in high gear.

With its reopening, the bar’s focus will be on offering new and unique experiences to patrons – through its food and beverage, and programming initiatives, right through the festive season.

“Returning to Mumbai’s nightlife scene this time around is going to a rather special one for us, for reasons more than one. After closing the last season on a high note, we are excited to get the ball rolling with all that we’ve planned for AER. We are looking forward to raising the bar much higher, by offering evolved beverage experiences and ensuring our guests have a memorable experience, making them want to return for more,” says Ashwin Mathur, Hotel Manager.

Arrive on the rooftop by sunset to watch a brilliant sunset, and then stay for an evening of cool cocktails, gourmet Asian small bites and mouthwatering tapas. The panoramic cityscapes aren’t the only reason guests are captivated by AER. The music is hot, the drinks are creative, and the vibe is unmistakably happening. Take the lift to the top floor and get back #UpInTheAER.