The Health and Wellness Benefits of Essential Oils

New York, U.S.A.

The use of essential oils to aid in health and wellness has been around for centuries, dating back as far as Greek and Egyptian times. However it wasn’t until 1910 that a French scientist named Gattefosse used lavender oil to aid in the cure of a burn that the term “aromatherapie” was coined.

Alexandra Soveral, Founder and CEO of SOVERAL, has now actualised this ancient art into a modern day science, developing her own food-grade essential oils from a UK distillery that sources locally and responsibly farmed essentials oils.

The Aromatherapy Blend Bar at the Spa at Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown features a selection of nine essential oils, all of which support mood enhancement, physical wellbeing and emotional balance.

The full selection of essential oils in the Aromatherapy Blend Bar and their healing properties include:

High Altitude French Lavender

A light and sophisticated mountain wild flower. Retaining all the lavender’s healing properties without the heaviness usually associated with it. This is lavender of the highest level of elegance.

Conditions that may benefit: Dry and sun damaged skin, stretch marks, muscular aches and pains, stiff joints, stress and anxiety, nervous tension, headaches, feeling low, exhaustion and detoxify body and mind.

Italian Mandarin Zest

The zest of life in a beautiful sunny oil! Mandarin brings happiness and refreshes both body and mind.

Conditions that may benefit: Skin regeneration, oily skin, stretch marks and scarring, cellulite, anxiety and feeling low, insomnia, PMT and digestive issues.

Tuscany Bergamot

A little treasure from the south of Italy that carries with it the vibrancy of the region. A beautiful citrus blossom that delicately scents the skin and uplifts the spirits.  

Conditions that may benefit: Sore mild skin conditions, emotional turmoil, stress and nervous tension, digestion issues and flatulence and low immune system.

Roman Chamomile

Calming and soothing for the whole body and mind.

Conditions that may benefit: Dry skin conditions, irritated and sensitive skin, joint inflammations, all nervous conditions, insomnia and restlessness, nervous indigestion, PMT and fluid retention.

Blue Gum Eucalyptus

A breath of fresh air! A great boost for the immune system and protection for the whole body.

Conditions that may benefit: Muscular and joint aches and pains, post effect of over-exercise, fuzzy head, unable to focus, anger, feeling rundown and low immune system.

Wild Oman Frankincense

The sacred frankincense tree is believed to be a divine gift to mankind. It must not be cultivated by man - it should be to Mother Nature to nurture it. The best frankincense in the world is from the wild trees of Oman.

Conditions that may benefit: Mature skin and wrinkles, sun damaged skin, lack of focus and unrest, stress, depression, emotional unbalance and respiratory issues.

Nepalese Mountain Peppermint

Growing high in the mountains where the air is pure and cool makes this peppermint the most refreshing of all herbs.

Conditions that may benefit: In need of cooling and hot flushes, tiredness, lack of concentration, irritability, travel nausea, difficult digestion, headaches and aching feet.

Wild White Patchouli

Elegance and an air of mystery is what this rare patchouli truly conveys. Its effect on the body is just as powerful as it is on the mind.

Conditions that may benefit: Dull and tired skin, stress related conditions, lethargy, anxiety, slow digestive system and warms muscles.

Madagascar Ylang Ylang

This exotic flower has a sophisticated perfume that promotes positive emotions.

Conditions that may benefit: Unbalanced skin, nervous conditions, depression and hormonal stress.