The Meatpacking District

New York, U.S.A.

The poster child for Downtown Manhattan’s revolutionary transformation is the historic area surrounding the original Gansevoort Market area, now known as the Meatpacking District. This 24-hour neighbourhood on the far west side of Manhattan is bordered by Chelsea to the north and the West Village to the south.

Once upon a time, its cobblestone streets were populated with workers in butcher’s aprons. The former rail line that transported the pork and beef that gave the district its name is now the High Line – an elevated park by Dutch garden design star Piet Oudolf, where people-watching is a sport. Next door to the High Line steps is the site the Whitney Museum of American Art, a stunning indoor-to-outdoor space designed for the museum’s new downtown home, which opened in 2015.

Today, the district has traded grit for glamour. The local dress code leans toward chic designer labels such as Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney. Both are among luxe brands like Christian Louboutin who have put down retail roots here – and many lesser-known but up-and-coming names have followed suit.

The area is a hotspot for culture, cocktails, nightclubs and a vibrant culinary scene that includes Chelsea Market. The market, a former National Biscuit Company (Nabisco) factory, is home to the Food Network and countless eateries, bakeries, ethnic food shops, wine stores, and restaurants and retail shops.

Foodies can please their palates with inventiveness in every price range. As darkness falls, urbanites can haunt the former loading bays for nightlife in edgy clubs and lounges – with new ones emerging as quickly as they can be talked about. For a night on the town, the Meatpacking District has it all. You can dress for your evening, from toe to fingertips and a cut from designer stylists. Spend the afternoon at a gallery, dinner at a must-visit restaurant, then dance till dawn.

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