Resident Healers Program

New York, U.S.A.

The health and wellness craze is here to stay. Clientele, both male and female, are looking for what’s new and next in wellness. The days of spas only offering facials, massages and standard beauty treatments are gone. Consumers are looking for something greater and more powerful; an experience that promotes overall wellness more than just beauty.

In March 2018, The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown launched a Resident Healers Program working with a three leading women, all with their own niche offerings in the health and wellness industry in New York City.

  • Deganit Nuur, creator of The Nuurvana Method
  • Rashia Bell, creator of The Cristalline
  • Snow Shimazu, creator of AIR BEAUTIFUL

In March 2019, Michelle Pirret joined the Resident Healer Program at The Spa specialising in Sonic Alchemy.

Each of the Resident Healers provide unique and mindful experiences for guests during one-one-one private appointments at The Spa - Deganit Nuur is an acupuncturist, herbalist and clairvoyant; Rashia Bell is a crystal healer and mediation master; Snow Shimazu is a travel wellness expert, advanced body work educator and all around wellness guru; and Michelle Pirret is an international sonic alchemist who brings her magnetic blend of elemental sound and cosmic, harmony that results in a uniquely profound auditory journey. Each of these leading women offer guests seeking something greater than the traditional spa service.  

About Dr. Deganit Nuur, The Nuurvana Method

Dr. Deganit Nuur is a world renowned spiritual teacher, intuitive, acupuncturist, writer and lecturer. Nuur was named “Top 15 Intuitives Globally” by Gwyneth Paltrow’s website Goop. Nuur created and teaches the revolutionary Nuurvana Method, which is based upon traditional eastern philosophy that seeks to integrate mind, body, and spirit. The Nuurvana Method goes beyond what meets the eye to heal the spiritual plane, resulting in profound shifts in mind and body and thereby reintegrating spirit into alignment with one’s true purpose and passion. Sessions always include a clairvoyant reading, crystal sound bath, aromatherapy, chakra clearing, and a completely customised mantra, with 90 minute sessions including acupuncture, cupping, supplement and lifestyle prescriptions when applicable.

About Rashia Bell, The Cristalline

Energetic interior designer and crystal healer Rashia Bell is the co-founder of The Cristalline, a multi-faceted lifestyle company that works to help create balance within all areas of life. After more than ten years working on the business side of fashion, beauty, jewellery and luxury industries for companies such as Mikimoto, Vivre and Monique Péan, Rashia found her creative outlet and expressive voice through interior design. A graduate of both the Fashion Institute of Technology and the New York School of Interior Design, she has also completed two Crystal Healing Certifications by the Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts, and is a Level 2 Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Healer.

Rashia decided to take a uniquely holistic approach to the spaces she transforms for The Cristalline, by incorporating the energetic and healing powers of crystals and stones into her interiors. The foundation for this design process is specialising in personal healing work, where Rashia has lead workshops, private events and retreats around the world and works to show her clients how to find balance both within themselves and the spaces they live and work in.

About Snow Shimazu, AIR BEAUTIFUL

Snow Shimazu treats the physical, mental and energetic damage caused by travelling. Through premium one-on-one sessions before, during and after travel, Snow encourages balance and clarity within each client’s lifestyle. Each customised program specifically targets concerns in conjunction with the travel itinerary, as well as before and after travel. Regular and steady lifestyle sessions help bring the optimisation of presence, vitality and resilience within each client and collectively within life.

Snow was born in Japan though experienced advanced training from around the world. Her years of diverse and multi-disciplinary experiences in art, travelling, manual therapy, yoga, meditation and spiritually blend beliefs help Snow understand the essential nature of how to prevent and recover from the damage caused by travelling. Snow received a Masters of Arts Management from American University in Washington, DC and did her graduate internship at the Smithsonian Institution.

About Michelle Pirret, International Sonic Alchemist

Michelle Pirret utilises her four-octave vocal range with vibratory instruments such as alchemy crystal singing bowls, archaic gongs and indigenous percussion and brings her magnetic blend of elemental sound and cosmic harmony that results in a uniquely profound auditory journey. Michelle’s methodology – the skillful layering of frequencies from specialised overtone emitting instruments is carefully orchestrated to assist in the shifting of energy and discord from the body. Fusing elements of musicianship and wellness, Michelle’s work centres on mindfulness – facilitating harmonic well-being and the expansion of individual consciousness.