First Envoy by Four Seasons Collaboration Unveiled: Artist Missy Dunaway’s Journey Through Hoi An, Vietnam

July 11, 2019,
Toronto, Canada

How does a visual artist translate what it means to be in the moment through their craft? Using memory, illustration, paint and poetry, artist Missy Dunaway’s Envoy by Four Seasons experience is unveiled here, illuminating the immersive power of storytelling across mediums and art forms.

Through one-of-a-kind collaborations with world-class storytellers and content creators, Envoy by Four Seasons is redefining the notion of online ”influence,” emphasising craftsmanship over online clout to uncover fresh and inspiring travel narratives.

“Influencer marketing has become a very crowded space, so it is incredibly refreshing to be part of the unique approach Four Seasons is taking in this arena,” says Dunaway. “My Envoy journey went beyond simply experiencing the best of what a destination has to offer with Four Seasons. I was completely immersed in Vietnam’s rich history and celebrated traditions, which inspired me to create works that can hopefully inspire others to experience the same for themselves.”

As announced earlier this year, Dunaway was selected from more than a thousand global candidates, following the program’s 2018 launch featuring poetry from spoken word artist Marshall Davis Jones. Chosen for her creative approach to capturing travel memories, which has earned her half a dozen international fellowships, Missy’s global passport lives in the pages of her signature painted diaries.

Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai, Hoi An, Vietnam curated a custom itinerary for the inaugural Envoy, featuring a private eight-octave crystal singing bowl lesson led by Resident Singing Bowl Artist Oanh Ngo; a Goodnight Kiss to the Earth ceremony with floating traditional wishing candles; a sunrise expedition through My Son Temple Sanctuary, a UNESCO World Heritage site; and a fishing excursion to learn traditional techniques in a customary Vietnamese fishing boat.

Dunaway’s masterful mini canvasses and insightful poetry live on courtesy of a digital gallery, standing in quiet contrast to the saturated online space of look-a-like vacation photos. Those looking to experience The Nam Hai first-hand can browse property experiences here.

Other curious storytellers with a passion for travel and bringing destinations to life in imaginative and artful ways are invited to apply using the Envoy application form. Applications are being considered on an ongoing basis.

The next Envoy by Four Seasons collaboration will be announced in the coming weeks, as the program continues to gain momentum with new varied and exciting collaborations. Until then, follow the hashtag #FSEnvoy on social media for news and updates, and to experience the creative journeys of Four Seasons Envoys.

About Envoy by Four Seasons

Launched in November 2018, Envoy by Four Seasons is a pioneering program reimagining the influencer space through a creative and distinctive approach to storytelling. World-class storytellers, content creators and artists across all mediums are invited to collaborate and share what it means to be in the moment, and to connect to diverse cultures, places and experiences as facilitated by Four Seasons.

About Missy Dunaway

Missy Dunaway is an artist and illustrator based in Portland, Maine. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Humanities and Arts from Carnegie Mellon University in 2010, travelling to Turkey in 2013 on a Fulbright Fellowship to study Anatolian textiles. Since then, she has been awarded six artist-in-residence fellowships, travelling the globe and painting journals with handcrafted memories at each new destination. In March 2019, Missy travelled to Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai, Hoi An, Vietnam as the inaugural Four Seasons Envoy.  Follow Missy on Instgram @missydunaway.