Passion, Provenance and Provocation: The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort, Bahamas Crafts its First Artisan Cocktails


August 26, 2019,
Paradise Island, Bahamas

Thoughts of cocktails at The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort, Bahamas conjure images of 007 and the glitterati jet-set sipping on the classics. While these never fade from glory, Martini Bar & Lounge is pushing past tradition into modernity with the lauch of artisan cocktails. The first of such crafted cocktails use a featured collection of four spirits, selected for their complexity and character: J.A.B. Sugar Cane EXO Rum; J.A.B. Potato Vodka; J.A.B. Herbal Ugni Blanc Cognac; and J.A.B. Herbal Liqueur. While the liquor is available in each of the Resort’s four bars or in the privacy of a guest room, resort bartender Ansel Miller has crafted three new cocktails that showcase the flavours of the spirits.

When the Resort’s beverage team sat down to taste the liquors, bartender Ansel Miller was put to the task of inventing a menu that highlights the distinct flavours. Artistic in presentation and creative in process, his three new cocktails – Domino’s Cosmo, The Appeal, and Old Nassau Rum Fashioned - are hand crafted exclusively at Martini Bar & Lounge in The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort.

Director of Food and Beverage Jorge Paez at The Ocean Club comments on the new direction, “As we elevate our local offerings, this is exactly the kind of dynamic drink experiences we at Four Seasons provide. These spirits and cocktails appeal to the distinguished tastes of our guests while showcasing our local talent.”

Returning guests craving Keith Cash’s infamous Chocolate Martini or the quintessential Vesper Martini may just find themselves a new favourite nightcap.

Domino’s Cosmo

While this crystal clear, mildly aromatic and refreshing Polish J.A.B. Potato vodka is excellent for sipping, Ansel drew inspiration from the moniker of the venue and that of the effervescent presence of James Bond on the island. He named this drink after the forward Bond Girl Domino, who appears in Thunderball and Never Say Never Again, both partially filmed on location in Nassau, Bahamas.

A garden of flavours bloom from this drink. The homemade concentrate of blueberries and lemongrass blends with the tart bitterness of the passionfruit tea. Firmly muddled lemon zest and ginger release balancing oils. Vodka and prosecco keep the drink light and bubbly.

The Appeal

Robust and distinct, Ansel’s concoction brings forth the complex mellow nose and velvety balance of the ugni blanc grape varietal from Cognac, France. Bitters, rose syrup and freshly pressed apple juice team together to complement the hints of dried fruit and hazelnuts that waft from the Cognac. While savoury, The Appeal can be enjoyed year-round, thanks to the refreshing addition of lemon zest and basil. Vigorously shaken to create a natural foam, caramelised apple slices serve as more than a garnish; inviting guests to personally add the final flavours. Sip elegantly from this complex concoction.

Ansel’s tip: "You know you’ve shaken sufficiently to create the foam when the metal on the tumbler frosts."

Old Nassau Rum Fashioned

Medicinal digestifs have their place in history dating back to Egypt as early as 3,000 BC. J.A.B.’s Herbal Liqueur includes more than 20 herbs and spices, steeped in alcohol and water for 20 days prior to maturing for three months before blending and additional one-month rest before final filtration and bottling. Intended as the ultimate after-dinner indulgence, Ansel combined this with the premier J.A.B. Sugar Cane EXO Rum, distilled from sugar cane of the West Indies and aged in American White Oak for 12 years. With these modern departures from the classic Old Fashioned recipe, he honours the tradition with rose syrup and Luxardo. The result is a well-balanced drink that can be enjoyed singly or late into the evening.